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Phantom : The Legendary Saviour [Part-II]

I would like to finish my each topic in a single post,but here's the difference for Phantom and Mandrake. I have so much to share and that may be beyond 10 posts each;in short it's my passion and gonna continue irrespective of whether anybody reads it or not!
Before going to elaborate the topics i left in part-I, here's something to share my own experience with this Legendary Ghost Who Walks.

In India comics lovers (specially the Bengali and Hindi readers) more relate with Phantom as Vetal - chalaman ashariry/chalte phirte pret. My first meeting with Vetal/Indrajal was in way back 1989.Though i read some comics of this Falk-creation in that year, but my madness about Indrajal Comics (who yet to know what was Indrajal,should not proceed further!) started with a Rip Kirby comic! and later i realise it was LAST Rip Kirby in Indrajal[The foiled coup;Vol.26 No.29].

Still can remember the day clearly, when one of my class-mates (& my buddy) ,Amritanshu brought this book in class.Initially ,being an ardent 'Chacha Choudhary & Sabu's fan then, i was not much interested in this comic book ,still go through some pages,ads,Henry etc very casually ...then as class dissolved for that day,he asked to return the comic....still remember,at that moment i first realised how much i became fond of this comic-publication,if not story then at least with the format! Then i repeatedly asked him to bring some more of these comics.As a true friend he allowed me to go through ALL of his Indrajal collections (a decent one ,indeed!) .Most of my initial IJC were from him,those still i've in my collection (a completely unforgettable memory's associated with these odd 40 Indrajals those are more close-to-heart than my presently huge collection!!) and since then Indrajal Comics are my part-of-regular-reading (i'm a TRUE book-warm...go through ,from comics to novels, all those appeal me).

First Vetal-Indrajal i brought very soon after this fabulous introduction was Mystery of the black box [Vol.26 No.33]. It was a good story indeed,though initially i couldn't relate with the little people,but after few months i also got some previous comics (e.g Vol.26 -No.25;The Chivalrous Protector) of this little aliens and since then these amazing people always attract me (there are total 6 comics published in IJC ) .
[here's the Hindi-cover of this 26-33 issue]
Actually their ancestor's space-ship crashed on Earth millions years ago,since then they are living in this planet beyond the river-of-fire,surrounded by hot lava and separating them from the outside-world of giants. Among earth-people only Phantoms (OUR 21st phantom and his some ancestors) are their friends and saviour as well.

Once these little people saved phantom from quick sand ,in return,later someday phantom saved their queen from some greedy king.

Once little kit (our phantom's son) went to find these little people,after listening a fabulous story from old man Mozz. soon he was under dreaded danger,as his
canon was just near the river-of-fire when he saved by those aliens. So this future-phantom(22nd) also introduced with these people following his fore-fathers,despite the fact,Diana don't believe his words as for her all those facts are nothing but Mozz's imaginary stories.(though it was good for those aliens secrecy,isn't?) [Above u can see some pages from a little people story published in IJC No.205;1974]

Much later Phantom again saved the queen of little people,Melody from a mad Duke (who thought these people are electronic-creatures!!) . After sent that Duke to jail,who eventually was an international fraud, prince Bhald asked good bye to their ONLY friend in this world-of-giants, as their cave,which was actually a destroyed space-ship in a volcano surrounded by melting hot lava ,under the threat destruction all the volcano would erupt soon! But they have to save their black-box from it, as it's the last option for them to connect with their planet ,by an unknown sound-wave.
After a near-fatal attempt,vetal ultimately able to save that mysterious box and soon after that the cave completely covered with hot lava,leaving NO place for these little aliens. Then this benevolent ghost helped these ill-fated people to find a new place...that's it in a cave of EDEN(soon will dedicate a post on this fabulous island),his island-of-peace. Since then these little people are living there.

So dear readers,if by any chance you are intend to visit Eden (obviously with Phantom's permission), should meet these little aliens !


Comic Guy said...

Well displayed feelings with sense of truth..nice..i too like to describe the moments of nostalgia associated with these timeless comics...and what you wrote is similar what i thinks about the characters of Falk.
Get going without caring that whether anybody reads or not or leave comments.
Looking more on Vetal-o-graphy from you.

Comic Guy said...

And yes...pls turn off the word verification feature as i don't think you must be requiring this layer of spam protection

sAg_NiK said...

@cw: thnx 4 reply...yeah,i've lottsa 2 share abt these heroes...
And i know this'll not read by many,as most of the comic-readers r only 'readers'and don like to discuss abt those characters .

P.S.-i need only few pple like u passionate abt things they love
Bye :-))