Tuesday, August 14, 2007

At last I got these:'Cheryl Blossom' comics in ARCHIE and TIMPA's Own Comic Books!

Hi friends, there's a good news for all Archie comic lovers!After several searches , ultimately I have my hands on some 'special' Archie comics from one old-book-shop today,it was one of those rare visits at such places :-))

I'm talking about the red-haired hottie in that crazy teenager's life who,being a very-late-entry(first introduction was on 1982) , even able to challenge the two other inherent female characters in this comic-series....Betty n Veronica! So, you can understand that she's NOT ordinary any way nor my interest in her ;-)
You can read about her at wiki.

I got three comics published between 1995-1997 along with another 'Archie and his pals'.

*The most exciting one is the story titled 'Beach Blanket Blossom'(four parts in one book;1995)....it's really exciting to see those three girls engaged in a water-fight !

Also,today I am amazed to find TIMPA's own comic-books(English)!!...those were published way back on 1986 by Pars Publication.The page quality was very good,almost like Tin Tin/Lucky Luke series...

wow! at last we can read Timpa comics in original form :-))

As I have mentioned earlier in my post on Timpa that there were 36 stories published at Indrajal Comics(1988-89), but these are NOT published in Indrajals and also without edited,either the story or the panels (which were common in IJC due to page-restrictions)

The THREE comics I got today are...

[1]Legacy of the gods
[2]The red-hooded gang
& [3]Operation rescue
All are 30+ pagers....

P.- It's just 80 bucks that I've to spend on these 7 timeless comics!
I'll try. to scan-n-post these comics someday....:-)
Now,lemme enjoy these stuffs !
Till then,bye friends....:-)))))))))))

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