Sunday, October 28, 2007

KraKen:One of those ALL-TIME-GREAT Mandrake's Adventure-Series

Hi all Mandrake fans,here I'm with a very interesting series of this magician!
In all Mandrake strips, sometimes we experienced adventure-series in several parts,where Mandrake & Co. went through lot of weird n scary events. A common example's M/L journey to Moxley U .....
But then, what I felt , the BEST adventure was the KRAKEN SERIES published in 9 parts from 1986 - 1990 (S156 -S164).It was also the LONGEST adventure-series of this Magician! .......
The story began in a fine afternoon when Mandrake & his group (incld. Lothar,Narda and Karma) met Capt. John in his yacht 'Kraken' was about a legendary sea-monster which can swallow giant whales and squids,can destroy a 200-ton ship within a few moments & lots more ! Mandrake n John went under-the-sea to find out it's existence ,they met several deadly things and finally see that Sea-Monster!overall,it was reallllly exciting !!

It was appeared in Indrajal Comics (IJC) in 1988 as Underwater Sea-Monster (S156;Vol.25 No.14-n-15) .However,the adventure didn't finished at that point,rather it was just a beginning of several horrific-n-weird encounters.....such as the mysterious family of the Floating Island or those merciless pirates (S157) [published in IJC as Ambushed at sea (Vol.25 No.44-n-45)].After that,though mandrake team got break for a little while and having a nice time,it was NOT the end !
Rather it was Narda who'd faced a strange-yet-dangerous condition when the 10-n-half-year old Prince Babool proposed her for marrying him(S158;Young Prince)! That time Mandrake saved her with his hypnotic tricks.......then it was the time for ANOTHER most exciting turn...... the Return of Roc ,where Lothar-n-Mandrake discovered the existence of legendary giant-bird Roc....It was said,Roc can carry an elephant,this time it carried the Lothar to her nest on the Taboo Isle....just to feed her babies !(S159; IJC:Dreaded Island ;Vol.26 No.21-n-22).
However, we(i.e. most Indian Mandrake fans) able to read ONLY the first 5 parts (up to Mystery of the singing rocks- S160 ;Vol.26 No.36) ,'cos after that Indrajal Comics suddenly cancelled their series in APR'90 .So we missed all of the rest four adventures .

Do anybody ever read ALL 9 parts ???

**Here is the COMPLETE LIST of this spine-chilling n dreaded series:Kraken!
S156 The Kraken (23 Nov 1986-12 Jul 1987)
S157 The Floating Island (19 Jul 1987-27 Mar 1988)
S158 The Young Prince (3 Apr 1988-12Jun 1988)
S159 Taboo Isle (19 Jun 1988-6 Nov 1988)
S160 Singing Rocks (13 Nov 1988-2 Apr 1989)

S161 The Sport of Magicians (9 Apr 1989-27 Aug 1989)
S162 The Dolphins (3 Sep 1989-14 Jan 1990)
S163 Isle of Flowers & Death (21 Jan 1990-24 Jun 1990)
S164 Dangers in the Jungle (1 Jul 1990-16 Dec 1990)

Hope one day,we can see those apparently lost strips (may b in MTM blog! :-)))


The Phantom Head said...

Excellent info. Great free flowing writing style. Hope to see all parts someday soon at know where.

Grouchy Smurf said...

Sagnik bhai,

I strongly suggest that you register for a PhD in IjCs and its impact on society or something like that. I say this because you have a unique way of looking at different IJCs. It give a good feeliing. I was going to ask to start posting again. Glad you did so. May I request you to be a little more frequent and also once in while post a comic.

Chandan said...

Yes,you have to be more frequent.
Its a fantastic post and I didn't even know that the story con'd after that last issue.Great information.

sAg_NiK said...

Thnx for those kind words! :-)

Hope to see all parts someday soon at know where

NO, even 'he' don have! :-((

Keep coming......

sAg_NiK said...


I'm now lookin' for Ph.D.....but that's in Chemistry only! ;-))

But yes,I love..mean LOVE to discuss on Indrajals!'s among the few things (like Cricket) I strongly feel connect. :-))

sAg_NiK said...

I didn't even know that the story con'd after that last issue

Even I'd that idea few months ago....until I found the gr8 mandrake site....Xanadu
Where one can get every detailed idea abt Mandrake his strips....

Yup....I'll try my best to be more frequent here!

Grouchy Smurf said...

Dear Sagnik bhai,

I reorganised my blog profile and tried my hand at posting a sunday strip (the one that just got completed)


Indrajal Comics Club said...

bhayya, pagal ho kya????
itna re-search karoge to naukri se nikal denge,, -)

u people (u, tph and cw) are enclyopedia of indrajals...

i wanna meet u guys....

lets meet somewhere...