Thursday, October 4, 2007

Comic #2:Phantom:D194:The Albee (1999):Part-I

Hi friends, after i published the LAST Lee Falk's Mandrake-daily (D231) ,it's now time for Phantom-the legendary saviour ....

It's The Albee ,ran from 11th Jan to 13th March of 1999,a different story about a strange race in's the 1st part,next parts will publish as soon as i get some free times.
P.S.- I'd collected it from one friend Andreas a long ago,but those were in B/W....these colored strips r contributed by hamara Bala....thanks mister . :-)
read on....


The Phantom Head said...

Waiting to see Aleena wearing your colors. Great work! Keep it up.

What program do you use for inking? Is M S Painting same as MS Paint found in windows? Hope not a silly question this.

sAg_NiK said...

#Vetal Mastak:
Ur wish will fulfill soon ;-))

Yeah,it's same!

What abt this 'special' strip ....LAST by Falk ??