Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic #30: Mandrake Daily:Mandrake In Hollywood(D011; 1938)

A VINTAGE MANDRAKE DAILY FROM late '30s when "Falk-Davis" combo was @it's BEST!!!!

I PERSONALLY LOVED THIS TALE(& Most of those tales from these periods!!),,,AND HOPE YOU ALL WILL LOVE THIS TOO!!! :-))

CHEERS!!! (here are FEW Selected pages from this strip,included Mandrake's few TAKES(& Re-TAKES!) with his "own" TRICKS!!)



Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

It's great to see you in action.thanks for post.

dArA said...

#Prabhat: Thanks! Yep,I felt bit boredom in last few months,,but GOOD NEWS is I'M IN POSTING-MOOD right now(donno how long it'll carry though! :P)

Just posted another strip,,,AND BY D WAY,this D011 etc may be available frm 'other' on-line sources BUT I've some RARE strips yet 2 appear in any on-line means!!SO KEEP VISITING!! :-))

Comic World said...

A very nice story,also it was enthralling to see Mandrake as a job seeker.
Very appreciative effort from your side,just try to continue it in a long term.

dArA said...

That's wht d charm of early Mandrakes!!
I love these strips wid ALL Fredricks(and I'm lucky 'nuff to have 90% of Falk-Fredrick strips(1965 -1999) which INCLD. MANY STRIPS missing in IJCs!!)

adibud34 said...

Alright!!! Sagnik is back finally!!! Good to have you back! :)

dArA said...

Abee,Itna excited bhi maat hona!! :P
I was always here,watching others(precisely PRABHAT'S Wonderful efforts!!) but was in off-mood for posting,,now as I'VE re-satrt it,you may see few more soon,,,STAY TUNE!! :-))