Monday, June 9, 2008

Comic #29:Phantom Daily:The Snake Goddess Island(S157;2003)

This one is among those very few Post-Falk Phantom strips I loved!! A fascinating tale wid a mysterious finishing too! Between,it's a contribution from Chatur Chetha and all though it may be available on-line somewhere,but reading in a one-go is a treat,,Ain't friends?? :-)
By the way,there are ONLY Three such 'special' Phantom adventures where GWW had to face Snake Goddesses!! :o)
First one was D161(The Snake Goddess;1988) published in Indrajal as the same title(Vol.25 No.27 & 28) while the later one was a Post-Ijc Sunday strip:S141(Queen Medusa;1994) .These two were created by maestro Lee Falk while the 3rd one was by Reimerthi in 2003!



Chatur Cheeta said...

Thanks for the acknowledement, glad I could contibute a little. You may tell me about other stips you require I shall send them If I have them.

Btw, in fact I myself had forgotten that I have this strip and was planing to download the same untill I read your comment.

ravi gokhale said...

This has happened 2me as well. When u see your favorite hero, the urge is to download without realizing that u may already have it.Thats human psychology.
Gr8 story. Thanks

dArA said...

Was just re-reading it & suddenly thot why not share this in Blog as MNY don't acess these gems allthough some like us having huge lot,,both in Physical/e-copies!!

You r welcome,,if I need any,will definetly ask! Thnks :D

dArA said...

Yes,tht happened wid me too!!WE R ON D SAME BOAT,doctor mosai! :-)

adibud34 said...

Thanks a lot Sagnik for this strip! Say, do you by any chance have the IJC scan of "Lady of the lake" or it was "The White Godess of the Lake".

dArA said...


By d way,You meant "Mysterious Lady of Lake" which is a 1986 Daily strip & published in Ijc as same title in 3 parts:Vol.24 No.25 to 27...

In TCP you'll get d Hindi Ijc version and I've only d Physical forms of English/Beng. versions AND a scan of B/W unedited strip!
So,let me know if you r interested in that b/w strip(BTWN,you can combined d BOTH,,,Colored pics frm Ijc & english texts frm b/w strips,,,a bit effort,but WORTH it for this mysterious adventure! ;o)) )


PS - The White Godess is frm ANOTHER Phantom Vintage strips published twice in Indrajal: #52 & later #321(d Benevolent ghost)...

Don't mix them up yaar!! ;o)