Thursday, July 26, 2012

Comic #91 : A Compilation of Nonte-Phonte Comic-strips

 Friends,here you can enjoy a compilation of 4 different comic-strips of famous Nonte-Phonte,created by our one and only NARAYAN DEBNATH! These stories were(and still are) tremendously popular in the '80s onwards!Moreover,who can forget their arch enemy - Keltuda??? :))

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 As you know Mr.Debnath had created several other famous fun-series like Batul the great,Bahadur Beral(The Brave Cat),Danpite Khadu(Naughty Khadu) as well as several adventure stories.But his very first creation was Handa-Bhonda(Stupid & Idiot) in 1962 i.e. exactly 50 years ago!On this golden jubilee occasion a local newspaper dedicated the cover-story of their sunday-magazine on Handa-Bhonda & Debnath's creations in general.That was a nice write-up indeed filled with so many unknow trivia & a brief interview of this great creator.
 Also,this issue has the rare very first 1-page strip of Handa-Bhonda.You will be amazed to find out how their looks were changed/modified with the time! :o)

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