Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Comic # 92 : Indrajal Comics (Bengali) : No. 245 - Lal Eter Bari/লাল ইঁটের বাড়ী(Bahadur)

Today you can read the first ever adventure of our own Indrajal hero - Bahadur!
  Now,many of us already have read all/most of 75 Bahadur adventures than spanned from 1976-1990 but I wonder if there is any fan among us(visitors/bloggers) who read this issue as his/her very first Bahadur comic?? If yes,then he/she is lucky to experience the initial development of the characters/back ground because at the beginning nobody would imagine that a son of dacoit, who once determined to kill a police chief responsible for his father's death, will turn a famous crime-fighter.
For those who came in late,you won't find Bela in this story,as she was introduced much later,in the 4th Bahadur adventure - another master-piece by Aabid Surti - Sada Bhuter Adda(White Ghost's Dane) when her dad was kidnapped by some dactoits that incld. one future CSF member,Lakahan! [For a brief intro of Bahadur,you can check this old blog-post that I wrote exactly 5 years back.]
Now read how this brave son a dacoit became our own hero!


Mr. Walker said...

thanks for #245..accha, eta niye bangla e kotoguno ijc upload holo bolo to?..200+ to jani, but exact koto?..& the person who was suppose to give this info, devil is gone..

HojO said...

@Walker : I don't have much idea other than the fact that in B.T. they have posted allmost all from Vol.23 & 26,plus some from 300+ range.Devil was 1 of the contributors but for some reason he yet to update the list.I guess,there are total 300+ Bengali Ijcs are on-line but not sure..

PS - It would be better for readers if they post those links at some blogs,say @devil's,besides BT for easier access!

SaYak said...

one of my proud possessions

anupam said...

download kora jachchhe na. mediafire link invalid