Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two Unknown Indian Publishers

TODAY India Celebrates  66th Independence Day.:)) 

In my recent(& very rare) visit to old-book shops,I got 2 issues of some unknown Bengali publishers : Avik Chitrakatha & Tin-Murtir Ovijan. Do anybody ever read these series?? So these are new additions in Indian Comic Publisher's list. I also wonder whether these were published in English as well!The titles of AC & TMO were "Baghrya Devata O Tarzan(means Tiger-god & Tarzan)"  & "Bandhya Deeper Rahashay(means Mystery of the barren island)",respectively.

  One thing that I find odd,but yet to confirm my doubt,is that in AC you will read a Tarzan story but there is a strange similarity of this Tarzan(art & plot-wise) with another hero, Conan the barbarian! Here you can check some scans of this issue(for Conan's comic,check Mr.Ramesh's blog) and if any of you know better,please inform!


Mr. Walker said...

ha, 2toi dekhechi..though m not interested in collecting tarzan in bengali, but i've seen the covers of few avik chitra katha before..i also know a person who has got some issues of avik chitra katha..tumi nischoy golpoguno podecho..kemon golpoguno?..better than eng issues?

HojO said...

Storiesa are nothing special...but for collection sake I took them.If get,will take a few more.
Btwn got these books @10 while Archie mags/digests @15 & 20,respectively!
Was looking for more archies from '90s actually..

ARUP said...

hi, I have only one and I already share it, if you have please share with all

HojO said...

@Arup : which title you are talking about and where you shared that?

ARUP said...

Hojo please have a look in below link

betala said...

Ei comics ta ki kore porbo? Tarzan er golpo? Tarzan er arekta story chhilo jetate or bou monster hoe jabe

betala said...

Please send invitation to join this group:

Abhishek Kumar said...


This book in question which has been published in bengali as Tarzan is definetly Conan the Barbarian,The Gotham comics 1st issue of Conan the Barbarian has actually been taken from "The Savage Sword of Conan" issue #186 ,The SSOC was a Magazine format black and white book which debued in Aug 1972 also introducing Red Sonja! You can get the details in my blog here-