Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Subho Nabo Barsho Post: Comic #42:Mandrake Sunday:Sports of The Magician(S161;1989)

Hello again friends! Wishing you all SUBHO NABO BARSHO,the new year in Bengali(& Hindu) calender,which starts from today,dated 1st Boishak(1416)!! It's a Bengali festival! :))

On this occasion,enjoy a special Mandrake Sunday:The Sports of Magician(S161) which's infact the 1st Sunday strip of MTM from Post-Indrajal era i.e. 6th Part of famous KRAKEN series.The earlier one,part #5(Singing rocks) ,was the last MTM-Sunday appeared in Ijc(V26 N36)! So,while this is a Italian strip,but at least we get the Missing ones in some form!! Hopefully Bala will publish it's English version sooner than later.
And this has been contributed by Peder ...thank you man!:)))
NOTE:I've just edited the strip in order to fit in page-format(from original strip-format!)


Download S161


Chatur Cheeta said...

Subho Nabo Barsho to you and your family too !!!

This is a befitting post for the new year.

Kindly send me the passwords to this post as well as the previous post on my e-mail address already available with you.

Jai said...

Dear Dara
Aapnakeo shubhanabo barosher shubho kamona o aavibadan janacchi.
Aapner blog gotho koekh maash dhore follow korcchi. Bhalo laaglo
aapnar shabgulo posts.
Aajker ai postaer passworder anurodh korcchi.
Aamar email rohilo,

INdo_MaNdrAkE said...

@CC: A happy subho nabo barsho to you too!! :-) have already mailed you the passwords!

@Jai:Kichu bengali sune(pode) besh bhalo laglo!!dhannobad!! Please keep commenting whenever you find time...amar bhalo lagbe tahole!!

Ar p/w pathie diechi!:-)

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Hi Sagnik,
SUBHO NABO BARSHO to you and your family. May the new year brings us all job security, health and wealth and peace.

bharat said...

Dear Dara
A very Happy New Year to you and your near and dear ones.
Much thanks for your latest posts and request you to send the passwords for the two strips to
Thanks and Regards

Brian said...

I too would like to get the password. I have been enjoying your posts and would like to read more Madrake.

theatomicbear (AT)

adibud34 said...

Subho Nabo Barsho to you as well! Have a fab year! Made any resolutions?

indranil said...

Hi Dara,
Subho nabobarso!
Tomar sob post-er jonyo dhyonobad.
Bhalo theko and carry on!

INdo_MaNdrAkE said...

Thanks for these wishes(wow!! all these R INDEED we praying,as after these,what else one can ask for??? :))))

Keep at least we can "see" the Missing parts of KRAKEN,may be in near future will be fortunate 'nuff to "read" some...keep tapping your connections as well! :)

INdo_MaNdrAkE said...

@Bharat:welcome! already have sent the p/w... :)

INdo_MaNdrAkE said...

@Brain:welcome!have sent d p/w to your id...keep coming man! :)

INdo_MaNdrAkE said...

@Adibud: thanks for wishes! hhihihi..yes a few,hopefully I'll follow those for longer period of time!:)
wht abt you?? are you coming back India or still some years?

INdo_MaNdrAkE said...

@Indranil:welcome! majhe majhe comment koro...thanks!

Amith Nag said...

Thanks for the comic and password Sagnik. Didnt realise it was in Italian- but got the idea seeing the pics. Mandrake's magic is in full form here :D

INdo_MaNdrAkE said...

@amit: yes,it's Italian as i don't have english(neither my frnd!) but it's a treat as THIS IS INDEED A SPECIAL strip,which never appeared in Indrajal!!
Also d story was pretty predictable from pics only... :o)

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Belated Subho Nabo Barsho to you and your visitors & my Congratulations first 50 000 visitors! Keep it up.

Nice post.

achtungneo said...

Happy new year to you and your family too !!!:D
Pls. send me password to this post.

Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Sagnik,

Looks like an interesting story - have not read it before. Could you send me the pw for this post and the earlier one too. THANKS

Rafiq Raja said...

Oh another golden oldie. Thanks for sharing Sagnik.

Have mailed you. :)


Roshmi Sinha said...

I am a huge comics fan... thanks for uploading!