Friday, August 23, 2013

Comic #107 : Indrajal Comics(Mandrake) - Ashohaye Sikar(খন্ড 25 সংখ্যা 7 ) AND the Introduction of Timpa!

 Among very few of his adventures Mandrake,the legendary magician, couldn't solve the mystery at the end and was completely puzzled....and so were we,the readers!!
 This was one of those on!!
So many questions were poped-up after I had finished the reading..I yet to understand few thing like :
  • From where these tinnies(khude manoosh) were came from?
  • How they knew Narda?
  • Was there any previous linking?
I don't know why Falk had suddenly created such a mysterious tale - nice to read but rather confusing! So read the tale to get confused!! :o))
 Now let's talk about the other features of this Indrajal.In this issue a new character was introduced who wasn't the cover-hero but his presence in the back-pages of Indrajal issues(in the '88 & '89;Vol.25 & Vol.26 issues) meant a lot for us,the Indrajal readers!He was Timpa - the kid detective!
 His funny yet adventurous tales were a regular thing in that period.Between,who can forget his gradpa(dadu)?? :)) The fun was always double whenever I found a new Indrajal Comic that has a Timpa story in the back pages!!
 Did you liked this series,friends??


Ranjan Gangopadhyay said...

thanks fr d post ........
there are some posts on timpa
may be in the blog " books & comics" ...... there are some comic books on timpa publication 84 dharmatala street kolkata 13 Adventures Of Timpa - Operation Rescue
Adventures Of Timpa - The Legacy Of The Gods
Adventures Of Timpa - The Red Hooded Gang
Adventures Of Timpa - A Country At Ransome ........

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Maverick said...

Need to read the mandrake story again to refresh my memory regarding the tinyies.

As far as Timpa goes, I do have the original Paras book on the 'Red Hooded Gang'. Recently,Pop Culture Publishing have relaunched some of the Timpa titles.Planning to get them soon :)

HojO said...

@Ranjan: yes,before Ijc,Timpa had his own series by same author/artist duo and there were 3 books and 4th one was announced but never published(as far as I know!) back then,on 1986.Then ToI bought the right on 1987 and since 1988 he was a regular part of Indrajal's back-pages!!As I've already mentioned,his presence only increased the interest among the young readers,it was like getting 2 heroes in one issue!! :)

Recently, Pop Culture relaunched Timpa series and published a new story,"Runners of the Golden Horn ",but I didn't liked the story much...somehow,that old charm was missing!! But new readers might find that good..hopefully...

HojO said...

@INDRANATH: Ur welcome...
@Maverick: Try to read this issue as it's an unusual MTM story...And about Timpa,as I mentioned in the prev. comment,there were 3 published issues in the '80s.
Now PCP has published all old 3 plus a new title...after more than 2 decades,TIMPA is back!! :)

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Check D064 - The Conquerors for the first appearance of the Tinies.

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