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Back-up Features AND Stories-in-Parts in the Indrajal Comics

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let's discuss the two most integral part of the Indrajal universe...
Back-up Features:
Part of the nostalgia value of these old comics is undoubtedly in those old advertisements and the backup strips/features! :D 
I grew up reading '80s Indrajal and only later introduced with the '70s & '60s(exactly in this order) issues.Now,besides the cover stories,the things I love were those various kind of ads,plus,who can forget those the back-up features like Ripley's belive it or not,Capree's animal infos,Ancient World History followed by comic-strips like Henry,Chimpoo,Babooa,Agent 003,Pasha the magicain to name a few and then the latest addition: Timpa(unlike other 1-page features,this was kind of additional long stories).

 However,different fans were introduced with the Indrajal Comics in the different eras,and hence have their selected liking!Personally,I loved Ripley's & Capree with Henry,Timpa etc.

 Among the ads,although I love all of them,still,my favorites are Gold-spot :P ;) & gems ads!
 In many occasions,cover stories were appeared in 2/3 parts(i.e. in successive issues) and sometimes having a 2nd story aswell. However,it was not happened in the early era,rather from the late '70s and the first issue was #263() - a Phantom story.Later we saw ToI practiced this thing(stories-in-parts) heavily from the '80s till '89.The last issue published in such format was V26 N22(Mandrake - Dreaded Island:2nd part).
 Indrajal fans ,specifically from '80s, were pretty habituated with these lines(used to appear in a small box @the end of every 1st/2nd part)"what will happen with Phantom/Mandrake/Flash?will they survive??to find out,read out next issue dated ...".:)
It IS fun 
when you are reading all those old issues together BUT I am bit unsure what was those fans' take who used to wait for weeks(i.e. then current readers) to have a complete read?? Personally,sometimes it was a good excitement for me,with that anticipation but when you missing some parts(many of us faced this),then it really bother you a lot.... :( 

So,what's your take on it?? do many fans like this format,or rather think it's bit annoying how ToI split a short story just to gain some more profit??(they used to published bit less-popular heroes like Rip,Drake etc,although many times we got Mandrake,FG stories too!!)

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