Monday, October 14, 2013

Comic #108 - A Post-Indrajal Phantom Sunday(Capt. Amazon - Pirate Queen; 1989)

                                        HAPPY VIJAYADASHAMI TO ALL
 Enjoy a old Phantom strip(S134) in color and in Bengali. In this tale of 5th Phantom(aka Aranyadev), it has been shown how a gentle,beautiful lady transformed in a dreaded pirate queen - Captain Amazon! Later she became the wife of 5th Phantom!
 The most famous quote(of Juliet) probably was "Call us pirates! Then we'll be Pirates"!!

Between,the colored pages are from famous magazine Desh. This strip ran for 24 weeks but I have only 18 sundays till now,missing remaining 6..
 So I did two things,firstly used English b/w strips to fill the gap and then translated those in Bengali. Hopefully you will like the effort!(I have tried to bring the feel of Desh in those pages albeit the colors! as unfortunately I have the b/w English version only.)
 And for the Indrajal addicts, this is a special strip as with this one,the Post-Indrajal era was started off (the last sunday appeared in Indrajal was S133 "Death from the Sky"  in Vol.26 No.41). Had Indrajal survived for another extra month,we might had this very nice story in the pages of one of the most famous comic-magazines

 There were 45 Phantom sundailies(by Falk) from the Post-Ijc era but only very few were worth reading....this one was among those very few!
A translated page....b/w scan is from Frew 1465....


Ranjan Gangopadhyay said...

thanks a lot fr d sunday strip
......... belated subho bijoya

HojO said...

@Ranjan: Subho Bijoya!!
How was the sunday as story?



HojO said...

@Indrada : U r welcome..
This story was supposed to be in the Vol.27 No.10 i.e. the 16th May'1990 issue...and we missed by just one month!!
As an Indrajal lover,I truly believe this 5th-phantom adventure should had published in the Indrajal..anyway,at least we have the Desh version as back-up and ABP did a nice presentation indeed!

Mr. Walker said...

@hojo: Never knew that desh had published some post-indrajal issues, same as Diamond comics did. erokom kotoguno deshe beriyechilo bolte parbe? mane post-indrajal?

HojO said...

@WALKER: In Ijc we have till 133rd sunday(V26 N41) while in Desh strip continued till S136 and later in AM,from S137 to last strip by Falk(S150) and that went even further with all Post-Falk stories...
As I mentioned,this strip,S134(Captain Amazon) was scheduled to publish in Vol.27 No.9 or No.10 and we missed like...jake bole,EK CHULER JONNO!!

And howz that translation(of b/w pages)??

Mr. Walker said...

@hojo: thanks for the info.ekdom thik bolecho, missed it by inches ba ek chuler jonnyo! between, b/w page ta pode dekhlam..translation ta bhaloi hoyeche..