Friday, October 2, 2009

Comic #45 & 46:Mandrake Sundailies:Kraken(S156) & Dollmaker(D100)

Subho Bijoya to all friends,fellow bloggers & visitors!! :-)
Today's Gandhi's birthday and tomorrow we'll celebrate Laxmi puja and in order to celebrate these occasions I'm presenting a couple of mandrake strips for all of you!
#1:Kraken(S156) from 1986 which had already appeared in Indrajal comics and all have read already BUT what I'm posting is Unedited b/w version which appeared in a US magazine 2 decades covers the 1st strip only.Soon I will post the remaining parts!

#2:Dollmaker(D100) from 1958.A old daily which never appeared in Indrajal or any other Indian comics.I can assure that,once you read this strip,you'll wish to re-read it again!! yeah...a old classic filled with thrill,mystery & adventure in each & every panels where the mystery evolved in a old forgotten town:Gynt!Also,this is one of those rare adventures where Mandrake's half-sister Lenore also involved...(Now,when reading this Dollmaker strip,seasoned Phans will find a very prominent similarity with another Classic Falk-Phantom!Well,that's no big surprise as we all know,he frequently used same basic-plot in both Phantom/Mandrake strips....well,some plots were worthy of that and believe me,this current strip is no exception!:) )

Now about d/l links,actually I've uploaded these 5-6 months back and then completely forgot!!Otherwise these post would had appeared much earlier....but as they said,late better than never,so eNjOy!!:_))))

Download Kraken(S156):

Download Dollmaker(D100)