Sunday, February 28, 2010

Doljatra Special:Comic #50:Mandrake Strip:(S167:Capt. C.C.'s Crazy Circus) - A 1992 Sunday

Links of last 3 Sundays have been posted in their respective posts,incld. the current one!Have fun....
Finally the 50th Comic!!:) and that's just months away from the 3rd Anniversary of this You can expect another special (and much bigger) post @that time,but for this occasion enjoy another MTM Sunday strip from 1992,which's,again, a Post-Ijc strip and so was never available on-line before!! :)
Hope you guys will enjoy this...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Comic #49:Mandrake Sunday-strip in BENGALI:(S174:Dr.Holton's Reputation;1996)

Enjoy a Post-Indrajal MTM Sunday,174th of the line,published way back in 1996-97!! Well,this is a Bengali special,scanned from Comic World magazine which used to published a lot of Phantom & Mandrake strips. And I don't have the English version of that book...

This story deals with some Inter-galactic problems and Magnon has to intervene! This is a 18-week worth and published in a 2-week/page & completely unedited format by CW! :)Also,it's actually a continuation of the previous Sunday,S173(The Swarms) but unfortunately I don't have that strip.Anybody have that?? Bala??
Meantime,enjoy this.. :))

Download S174

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Comic #48:Mandrake Sunday strip:(S164:Dangers in Jungle):LAST Part

Final Part of ongoing Sunday.And hopefully,some fans will come forward to discuss this story,after have a complete read,as that(discussion) IS my major goal in this comic posting - to discuss the stories and know others view on the same!! If everything is going fine,some more 6-7 Sundays (from '90s) will be posted in near future....

Now,ENJOY....and see how Narda & Karma saved themselves from those kidnappers....bravo girls!! :))

Download S164

Friday, February 5, 2010

Comic #47:Mandrake Sunday Strip:S164(Dangers in Jungle;1990):Part-I

Dangers in Jungle - the 164th Sunday strip from Mandrake's glorious adventures AND MOST IMPORTANTLY,one of those Post-Indrajal and rarest MTM Sunday strips which is, infact, a continuation of famous KRAKEN series(1986-1990).This current strip is the 9th & last episode of that series,when Mandrake & Co.(and Capt.Jon) finally reached the Africa coast and they had a short yet adventurous trip...
FYI,last MTM-Sunday appeared in Ijc was "S160:Singing rocks"

Many more to come as I got plenty MTM Sundays from '90s courtesy my US friend Dan! And as all these were scanned directly from the "Original Newspaper strips" so I'm publishing all these without any editing - i.e. all are in raw & vintage format!! CHEERS!! :-))
Now for a change,HAVE a complete On-line read.....enjoy the Part-I,concluding part is coming soon!! :)

To be continued.....

Monday, February 1, 2010

FREW Phantom:Samaris(By Felmeng) Preview & Others...

Hello again!! Quick posts,as promised... :) And as I'd mentioned in the previous post,this time I'll bring something completely unique in this site:FREW Phantom!
This time,for a change, enjoy some classic FREW-Phantom Covers.Few months back I got many FREW old issues(& few Moonstone/Pioneers) through exchanging with Aussie friends and I specifically choose Egmont-Phantom stories as already I have ALL Falk-Phantom Sundailies in form of nice printed B/W book-format(well known) as well as in form of several vintage Indrajal/DC-P colored versions.
Off late some Falk-classics were re-drawn by famous Phantom artist Felmang whose illustration is quite similar with legendary Sy Barry and loved by most ardent Phans!:) Among all re-drawns,Queen Samaris XII(S059) was the most famous(followed by Tiger Girl which was eventually published by Egmont(Ind) in colored version,wayback in 2000) and published in FREW too(#1070).For visitors I'm posting some selected page-scans from that book with nice glossy cover(a rare thing from FREW). As someone told me,few page scans fall under "fair use policy" so hope it'll be ok! Some other covers also posted as well....

MORE will follow......