Sunday, June 10, 2007

On-line Indrajal Links

Hi friends, here i'm give some links of on-line Indrajal Comics links . If u wanna read those comics of 'golden era' just visit these following sites & can left ur comments there. Links r according to the earlier apperence.

[2] [on-line current phantom/mandrake strips]
& [7]: [Newest entry]
Hope there will b more such on-line sites in near future,so we the GREAT INDRAJAL LOVERS will have more 'n' more rocking time.

Happy Reading.


old is gold said...

Nice comic...this one i remember to read long way back in my childhood and i was so fascinated and thrilled by the story that those moment still chill me up..Nice site.keep posting more n more...i am waiting and will recommend your site to more and more of my friends.

dara said...

#old is gold: hey dude,WELCOME to DARA.... thanx 4 ur appreciations....actually i start this blog keeping one thing in my mind that there should b some enthusiastic,crazy fans who still've the PASSION 4 indrajals...... & let me tell u YOU R VERY MUCH ONE of them........yeh,there'll b more in upcoming days,so just keep checking with ur very 'hatke'comments......bye dost.

dwaipayan said...

dara.. this comment is a reply of ur comment on my blog. can u read bengali??? i have some english indrajaals to.. and bengalis also.. let's meet up one day. after my exams are over.. and talk about the exchange..
btw, why don't u visit college street to collect some copies for urself?

:lol: said...
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