Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Comic #28:Mandrake Daily:The Queen of Cats(1959)

An amazing Daily from Phil Davis era ,,,from my point-of-view,it's one of the best Mandrake Dailies!! This one(D101) never appeared in Indrajal or Diamond Comics ,all though another daily dealt wid cats(Narda & Cats; D146) were appeared in Indrajal as Strange Banquet(Ijc V23 N46)...Moreover,in this Daily,Narda has the major role,soo those who(like me!) are 'specially' fond of this beautiful princess,ENJOYYY!!!
The last Poll was quite interesting which revealed as many as 60% of visitors were introduced wid Indrajals in '80s while there are some seasoned Phans who tested these gems way back in '60s!!!Kudos them for been such a dedicated Phans over four decades... :-)
By the way,TCP has been provided the lost links of several Indrajals which many visitors craved/asked from long time,,,visit his blog and happy d/l ..and I truly appreciate his come-back ! :D
Some special moments from this strip,d/l coming soon.....


Comic World said...

This strip seems a interesting one as the stories based on cats and Narda were use to be quite exciting.
Your blog has groomed effectively and shaped nicely into a useful place for rare strips...keep it up.
Waiting for D/L.

adibud34 said...

Welcome back, Sagnik! Where had you disappeared to? Busy time of the year? :) At any case, welcome back! I look forward to reading this "catty" tale soon!

dArA said...

Thnx,,,yeah,there are couple of strips dealt wid 'Narda and Cats' and BOTH r pretty exciting,,in a diffrent way though!

dArA said...

I was very much here,but been busy in College duties !
The d/l link has been posted..enjoyy! :-)

Prabhat's Books&Comics said...

Nice story.Never read before. Thanks.

dArA said...

Thnx,,,enjoy this stuff!
Btwn,WHY 'Prabhat's Books&Comics' instead of 'Prabhat' itself??,,,don mind allthough it's pretty OK for a "Blog-Header" but it sounds odd as name of a "Blog-author"...

My 2cents,,,