Saturday, October 27, 2012

Comic #96 & 97 : Two He-Man Comics in BENGALI

  For the first time you can read He-Man comics in this blog .These were published by Diamond Comics in the early '90s in a pocket-book format,priced 3.00 INR each. Never thought that I will post these forgotten comics but after seeing Dr.Ramesh's last post on this series(in Hindi) decided to go for it!
 The whole universe of He-Man,his tiger Battle Cat,Teela,Man-at-arm & others with the arch enemy Skeleton was quite fascinating!
DC published a total of 16 issues,2 stories in each issue, in the 3 languages(Bengali,Hindi & English).But only the first 12 issues were numbered(H-1 to H-12) for some unknown reason. Later some more He-Man stories were published as back-up in the DC-Phantom Digests and Comics World but for me,these 16 issues were the best he-Man stories I ever read,both story & art-wise.The printing quality was fine aswell.
 Now,some of you might remember that hard-plastic toys of the superheroes were quite a craze among the teens  in the '90s and there was a full-set of allmost all characters of the 'Master-of-the-Universe' series aswell.With each toy,which was quite expensive,they used to give a He-Man comic as free!I got a copy(#11 from DC series,allthough that issue had only one story: Temple of Darkness!) as you can see the ads & the cover below:
In this post you will get 2 adventures: Teelar Golpo(Tale of Teela) from issue #1 & Skeletorer Mayajal(The ordeal of Man-E-Faces!) from issue #6.


Sukanta Banerjee said...

subho bijaya.pujo kemon katlo.Hi man er comics gulo khub sundar laglo.thank you for post.paret post er apekhay railam.

HojO said...

@SB: Subho Bijaya to you.I loved this series allthough I wish the books were in bigger shape,as the art was damn good!:)
The next will be a RK strip from the Post-Indrajal period.

anil kumar said...

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anupam said...

duto download link i invalid hoye gechhe...keu ektu dekhben plz?

Unknown said...
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