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A Query on Bengali Indrajal e-Comics List & A Compilation of the Bahadur BERAL

Do you have the current list of digital copies of Bengali Indrajal Comics?? As I have checked Devil's blog,he has made that 'members only' i.e. blocked for all visitors!Donno why,might be he has his reasons!Also it seems that at the BanglaTorent, they have covered almost all issues from No.300 to Vol.27 - a commanding job no doubt - but still I couldn't made a list of Indrajals published from the below 300 range!Can anybody help???Suman,Walker,MS or even Devil(I have already sent him a mail regarding this)??? It will help to avoid duplication for all bloggers who are willing to post Bengali Indrajals.
At least I need the infos about these following Ijcs whether these are already published elsewhere or not!

Now,after seeing the Walker's post on Bahadur Beral(the "Brave Cat"),the colored comic-strip created  by famous cartoonist Narayan Debnath,I have posted a comment on the publication history of the same based on my 'memory'.But I had some doubt and hence today searched my old issues of monthly Bengali magazine Suktara - where this naughty cat was first appeared and is still under publication - to have a closer look on this matter and now here it is as follows :

To start with, I had a wrong idea over frequency matter. Bahadur's adventures were NOT published in a regular fashion,unlike the other strips by Mr.Debnath( Batul,HB etc),but much like in a random frequency!Sometimes published in back-to-back 3 issues and other time only 1 story in 4 issues!After having a closer look on my issues from early '90s, it seems more or less the frequency was 2-strips-per-3-issue i.e. in average 8 adventures per year(12 issues).Over the years,specially from the late '90s, frequency was even lowered.

Anyway,now why all these matter at first place??It's because a new Bengali publisher,Lalmati, bought the licence of Debnath's strips and released 2 volumes(each is 40-pager) of BB in the 2011, as you have already seen in Walker's post,and now they have apparently stopped, leaving an impression in the readers' mind that all/almost all adventures of this naughty cat have been covered in those volumes.Sadly that is not the case!!
Now there is no exact knowledge of total number of strips of BB published till date but a rough calculation can be presented as follows:
From 1983 to at present,on 2013,a total of 350+ Suktara regular issues were published with 30 odd Puja-Annuals where the strips were usually 2-pagers!So following the above mentioned frequency,a total of 200-250 odd regular pages plus 50 odd pages from the special issues.In a total a minimum of 250-300 odd pages worth of adventures were published till date, leaving some more or less 200 odd pages worth of these strips yet to be published as a collection!

So we hope that the publisher,who is unfortunately looks like more in money making than maintaining a standard printing quality and story selection,will cover all these remaining stories in the upcoming volumes(that might need another 4-6 volumes),ardent readers and all die-hard fans of Narayan Debnath can have the full series in their hand!!Will they??

Now,you can see a few vintage 1-pagers from the early '90s issues of Suktara ,some are included in those 2 volumes.Will post few more in the coming days!(Walker has already posted a 20 odd strips of BB,so check his post for more such strips! :) ) After comparing LP's reproduced version & these 20-30 years old original pages from Suktara,I have personally felt that latter ones had much better printing quality eventhough LP used thicker & bigger pages!Those who have seen both versions can understand this..


Mr. Walker said...

Hello..kopal kharap!!

Though thanks for ur efforts, ae scan gulo konotai kaaje aasbe na, as all of them are published!! Tomar kache boi 2to nei bodhhoy, or tumi bhalo kore melaoni..aami sobkota check korei bolchi..tobe ekta kotha swikar kortei hobe..the "title" of those stories are unique!

speaking of indrajal e-books, thanks for the update..tumi jeguno debe bolcho ooguno mone hoy na post hoyeche..tobe devil er byapar ta jaantam na..amader bengali bloggers der eta ki hocche ta ki?kokhono sobai eksaathe, to kokhono gaayeb!!

HojO said...

Arre na..just check what I wrote :)
That is,I know most of these are appeared in those 2 volumes(as I have those 2) but the printing quality was inferior compare to these 20-30 years old original strips,so have posted for readers to compare!As I understand LP selected BB strips from various eras!

I hope they/other publishers will cover those remaining 200 odd strips of Bahadur,or else our collection will remain incomplete!:(

And yes,I wonder why so secrecy over some e-Indrajal posting??(Devil blocked his blog and you can't be a free-member in BT)Is it due to some piracy or other reason?? Anyway,atleast a updated list will help!!

Mahasthobir said...

বাঁটুল, হাঁদা-ভোদার জন্য পত্রিকায় নির্দিষ্ট পাতা থাকলেও বেড়ালের জন্য প্রতি সংখ্যায় পাতা ছিল না। বেড়াল বার হতো ফাঁকা পাতা ভরানোর জন্য। তাই প্রতি সংখ্যায় তাকে পাওয়া যেত না।

ছাপার মান ভাল হত যদি মূল ড্রয়িং থেকে কাজটা করা হত। কিন্তু অত বছর আগের আর্ট ওয়ার্ক কি অবস্থায় আছে অথবা আদৌ খুঁজে পাওয়া যাবে কিনা সেটাই প্রশ্ন... লালমাটি সম্ভবত ছাপা থেকে ছেপেছে। তবু তো অনেক দিন পর ওনার সব কাজগুলো নিয়ে কিছু বই প্রকাশিত হচ্ছে।

বাংলা ইন্দ্রজাল কমিকসের লিস্ট কি শেষ পর্যন্ত সম্পূর্ণ হয়নি? যা বাবা...আমি তো ডেভিলের ব্লগ থেকে লাস্ট যে লিস্ট টা পেয়েছিলাম সেটাই complete ভেবেছিলাম।

হোজোকে অনেক ধন্যবাদ।

HojO said...

@MS : Tumi thik bolecho!Bahadur was for the empty spaces only,indicated from his random frequency, but then,we got a unique series! :)

About Ijc list,you got me wrong as I was NOT talking about "Bengali Ijc published list" but the "List of Digital/Scanned version of Bengali Ijcs" so we can check which Ijcs are still not scanned!

If you can remember, Devil used to update in his blog the latest list of available e-version of Ijcs but now he blocked his blog and as I see in BT they are publishing many new Ijcs,only in a closed group! Why??Is it due to some piracy issue or ??

কুন্তল‏ - from প্লানেট আর্থ said...

Did you try with

and please get in touch with "Indranath Banerjee".

Piyali Roy said...

I want some info about the history of bengali comic publication,name of some renowned bengali comic writers their created characters in comic,name of some bengali comic publishers.please provide these info.