Friday, July 12, 2013

Comic #104 : A Goyenda Rip Indrajal AND A Question...

 Now time for a Rip Kirby aka Goyenda Rip Indrajal - ছায়ায় মোড়া ভয়ংকর(সংখ্যা ৩৭৬) - published on 1982. A nice (and quite funny) adventure through which our Goyenda Rip and his side-kick Desmond were introduced with us,the Indrajal readers!
A little info about RK stories in the Indrajal Comics can be found in this post.
 Now time for The Question (Well friends,it may sound odd at first, and while I am sure most of you haven't faced it before,hopefully you will come-forward with your own stories):

When You Had MOVED ON From Indrajal Comics & WHY?

 Of course you are now reading Indrajal Comics like crazy,can't be without these titles for long and that's the reason why you are reading my post(ha ha) - but it's a fact that MOST OF US,GROWN-UP Indrajal Readers,ARE IN THEIR 2nd/3rd PHASE of the Indrajal reading,isn't it?? That is,most of us were introduced with these enchanting titles in our childhood,ranging from '60 to '80s,were hooked for some years and then moved-on from these for years due to several reasons.Finally, after many years, there was a come-back in this magical world and since then there is no looking back! :)

 I am lucky to have several interactions with such fans,either by on-line/cell or through personal meeting, who are just as much Indrajal-maniac as me,if not more! Some of them are like Sudhanshu, Zaheer, Aalok, Prabhat, Anupam, Sameer etc followed by Bengali readers like Samrat, Walker, Indranath, Devil, Suman, Mahasthabir etc to name a few!:)

 While I will eagerly waiting for your replies I can tell my side of story.
 I was bit late in this magical universe compare to my class-mates and that was on 1989. Although Indrajals were discontinued soon after on 1990,I kept reading and collecting old issues thanks to various friends till 1995 or 1996.Then due to majorly of higher-studies,cricket(I'm an addict) and of course lack-of-availability of old issues,I was slowly but steadily moved-on from reading Indrajals. Except few occasional reading from our local libraries' little collection,I wasn't there to think about this series or to start a collection. In my JU days I tried few times to collect the old issues but I wasn't looking at right places and hence got only negligibly small numbers and lost the interest!
 Then in the the final year of PG,on 2005,I suddenly felt this pang to collect old issues,felt a strange desperation that I can't explain! I guess that desperation,might be due to the fact that deep-down I was missing this series very much, itself forced me to search various odd places where I could get few copies.And after my introduction with old-book shops at College Street on 2006(there was a period when I used to visit CS 2-3 times a week!!) followed by our on-line blogs on 2007,I was completely hooked with Indrajals and hopefully I will remain hooked for the rest of my life..

 So once again,WHEN YOU HAD MOVED-ON and WHAT'S The REASON??


Mahasthobir said...

ছায়ায় মোড়া ভয়ংকর রিপ কারবির comics টির জন্য ধন্যবাদ। আগেও মনে হয় বলেছি রিপ আমার বেশ প্রিয় চরিত্র।

আমার ক্ষেত্রে ঠিক ওইরকম কিছু ঘটেনি। যখন থেকে আমি ইন্দ্রজাল কমিকস পড়ছি, প্রথম মনে হয় ম্যন্ড্রেকের 'সম্মোহনের মায়াজাল'(পুরানো বইয়ের দোকান থেকে কেনা) এপ আর মাসলসের গল্প তারপর থেকে তো পড়েই চলেছি...

যে কারণেরই হোক IJC-কে আবার নতুন করে ফিরে পাবার মজাটা তুমি পেয়েছ... :)

Mahasthobir said...

সুফি-র সাথে যখন দেখা হয় তখন বয়স কম ছিল...উনিও খুব কম কথা বলেছিলেন, সাথে camera বা কোনও recording device ছিল না, সেই মোলাকাতের কথা আজ আর লিখে লাভ নেই।

ND-র interview টা আমি লিখবো যেমন তুমি বলেছ। তাতে রিপ কারবি সম্পর্কেও ওনার মতামত জানতে পারবে। :)

HojO said...

@MS : Tumi tana Indrajal pore jaccho sune ami chomke gelam!!Karon ami khub kom fanke meet korechi jara konodin Ijc theke detouched u are among the rare ones!!:o)

When you were introduced between?? '80s or '90s??

Ar haan,ND-r interviewer jonno wait korchi...RK somporke onar interest ache jene bhalo laglo,hoyto Kaushik-er jonmer karon.. :)

Mahasthobir said...

@HojO, তুমি ঠিকই বলেছ। সকলেই শৈশব কৈশোর পেরিয়ে আরও বড় হয়ে ওঠে তখন ছোটবেলার প্রিয় জিনিস গুলো সম্পর্কে ধীর ধীরে আকর্ষণ হারিয়ে ফেলে। সেই জন্যেই বোধহয় pink floyd-র 'shine on you crazy diamond'-র video(hope you've seen that famous video) তে ছোট ছেলেটি তার প্রিয় টেডি বেয়ার টি ফেলে দিয়ে নতুন দরজা দিয়ে ঢুকে যায় আর বড় হয়ে ওঠে।

(আমি হয়তো এখনো মনের দিক দিয়ে ততটা বড় হয়ে উঠিনি। :))

সকলেই একসময় সুন্দর স্মৃতি মাখানো জিনিস গুলো ফিরে পেতে চাইবে এটাও স্বাভাবিক।

So, "after many years, there was a come-back in this magical world and since then there is no looking back!" is true.

আশাকরি কেউ নিশ্চয়ই তার সেই অভিজ্ঞতা আমাদের সাথে share করতে চাইবে।

sandeep said...

Hello dara, I am an avid fan of your blog. Can you please reupload the following files again as the download links had expired.

RK-D154 : Title is Unknown : Ran from 1988-11-07 to 1989-02-04
RK-D155 (2-6-89 to 4-29-89)


HojO said...

@SADEEP: Will try to upload soon...between,I'm not Dara..plz spend some extra min.s to notice the author's name!:)

HojO said...

@MS: Yes,some of us can't grow-up like few others!!And sometime we feel 'ashamed' for not properly growing-up..liked I did!!
I remember before I met many Ijc crazies when I discovered old-shopes @CS on 2006 onwards,I used to feel bit 'awkward' to ask the sellers about Indrajal Comics,as I STRONGLY believed that I was the only one searching these COMICS at this age!!
But later I met more crazies who were even much senior,so since then it was more easier and frank approaches from my side...thanks to all these fans...both from this city and Blogs' world! :)

sandeep said...

dear hojo

can you please upload the link for the following files

RK-D154 : Title is Unknown : Ran from 1988-11-07 to 1989-02-04

RK-D155 (2-6-89 to 4-29-89)

I would really appreciate that.

HojO said...

@Sandeep:have patience...will do soon..

HojO said...

@ALL : RK dailies,154 & 155, have been reuploaded ...visit the last post of this blog!