Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Comic #128 : Modesty Blaise in BENGALI - "সঙ্ঘ"(La Machine) - ৫ম পর্ব (Part-5)

The Final part..

Now you can read the complete Bengali version of the first Modesty Blaise adventure. 
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By the way, I know many fans read comics/other reading materials on the mobile, mostly due to quick access/absence of the pc etc, but if you have pc/tab, then I will suggest you to read the complete story on those devices than on mobile - mostly because the source-material(scan) quality was not great(I have used an old scanned version available on net) AND while reading on mobile, that is little more evident but same strips look fine on the pc etc. Just a suggestion.
 Basic info :
Title : "সঙ্ঘ" (La Machine)
Creators : Peter O'Donnell (author ) and Jim Holdaway (illustrator)
Year of publication : 1963
Total number of strips : 114

                                                          Download ৫ম পর্ব (Part-5)

All 114 Bengali Modesty Blaise strips, together..

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