Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Hi friends, there's a something for all of you beside Indrajals.
Actually, we read comics in India mostly published in WEST & among them most Indrajal heroes,Bat-man,Super-man,Tin tin,Archie etc. are very familiar with most of the comic lovers.

But, there are some Comic-heroes as well,those very popular in their home-land but not so in the other countries/continents.
Among them, my most favorite is LUCKY LUKE..... the famous hero of wild west....."Who is quicker than his own shadow" (can you beat it!)
I first read a Luke comic in 1994 [Calamity Jane] and from then i'm an ardent fan of him & my fondness towards Luke forced me to share some info.s with other comic fans around the world.
I am also planning to start a 'comic-blog' entirely dedicate to that i'm looking for collect some/all (if possible) scans of Luke comics...

There's some 70-75 Luke comics in French (1946 - 2006)... among them around 25 were published in English from 1962.

Here's some info. from wikipedia:

Lucky Luke is a
Franco-Belgian comics series created by Morris, and over period written by René Goscinny. Set in the American Old West, it stars the titular character, Lucky Luke, the cowboy known to shoot faster than his shadow.
Along with
The Adventures of Tintin and Asterix, Lucky Luke is one of the most popular and best-selling comic-book series in continental Europe but unlike Tintin and Astérix, despite its popularity in Canada, only a handful of the series' adventures have been translated into English.

Morris drew Lucky Luke from 1946 until his death in 2001. The first Lucky Luke adventure named 'Arizona 1880' published on 7th December,1946.
I wish, one day there will be some Luke comics on NET among that many comic-lovers will get the real test of wild west .


Shailesh said...


There are only about 10 Lucky Luke comics published in English - the rest are in French. i have all of them, except 'In the Shadows of the Derricks'

Will try to send some scans to you.


Dips said...

Please post your Lucky Luke scans! Been searching for these comics for a long time, couldn't find them anywhere!

sAg_NiK said...

Hi Dips,thnx 4 ur concern....yeah,he's yet 2 send me those scans i asked 4 :-((

BTWN,do ya've any 'Archie-Cheryl Bloosom' comics??

Dips said...

No, unfortunately. All I have are the usual Asterix and Obelix, Tintins and a few superhero comics.

ghoshbaba said...

I think i've read one or two -
also there used to be an advert of some kind of drink which had a similar character adn a horse ... dippy's or somehting?

hello said...

Hi Comic lovers.
Got a friend that is selling a super collection.
He’s got about 100 binders – 40 tinkles, 15 chandamama’s, 50 indrajals and marvels and DC’2.
He said he’d settle for some crorish nuumbers.
He’s bound volumes (of indrajals),amd has 150+ with covers,below number 300.\
Reply on this blog.
Will be back.

Gizmo said...


Have a look in here:

Going to also add Lucky Luke in English soon, as well as other languages and also other European comic scans from Blake and Mortimer, TinTim, Spirou, Alix...:)

Have fun,