Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some Covers of Luke comics

Here i represent some covers of Luke comics (get this idea from our Indrajal blogs)....hope you will like it & this'll increase the curiosity about the funny 'n' thrilling wild-west-character :Lucky Luke
Friends,let me know your interest,on that basis i will seriously search & post some comics.
UPDATE:post three new covers....there'll b more within few days .


M Pattabiraman said...

Dear dsAg_NiK,

I was thrilled to see Lucky Luke covers. I was seraching for it High and Low since I saw TCP,CW,ICC etc. Could you please post the comics ?

Also It would be great if you coud post some Smurfs and also another charater called O'm Papa (I think).

Thanks a bunch

Colonel Worobu said...
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sAg_NiK said...

@pattu: Thnx 4 comment.
yeah, i looking 4 the scans of Luke, so that can post here regularly....but sorry, i never heard abt those other characters u mention....but,will search 4 them.


Shailesh said...


Will send you scans of

Curing the Daltons
The Stagecoach
The Tenderfoot
Ma Dalton
The Western Circus

I have all the English Lucky Lukes except 'In the Shadows of the Derricks', but am probably too lazy to scan them :-)
Anyone coming to Pune is welcome to read them though - not too many people in India seem to appreciate the subtle humour of Lucky Luke. Asterix and Tintin are more popular here..


Shailesh said...

@colonel worobu

i visited the site, but could not figure out the language..


Colonel Worobu said...


The language is Tamil

Indrajal Comics Club said...

shilesh: are u in pune?
do u have indrajals? mail me at

sAg_NiK said...

@shailesh:hi frnd, thnx soo much 4 visit....
Do ya've THE GHOST CITY??? If it ,can scan it at lst??
U can mail me also (sagnik99,google mail)

plse reply mate!

Actually i had read some Luke comics in my teen-age...BUT thnx 2 my frnds & my negligence...lost one by one....left only 2 now!!

sAg_NiK said...

Hey Shailesh, do ya've any spare Luke [can xchange with Indrajals/ACK/Tintin] OR can collect 4 my behalf??

If it, wud b really gr8


hiren said...

good stuff...

Shailesh said...

ok. i will scan and send you 'The Ghost Town'.
i have one extra 'The Stagecoach', but would prefer holding on to it...:-)

@colonel worobu: thanks for the clarification.


Alex said...

Hi there,

Just found out your blog here. Great cover scan, I'm a huge fan of Lucky Luke.

One Q 'though, have you success in finding the scanlation yet? I mean English scanlation. I've been trying to look for it for like several months now. Seems don't have it.


maverick said...

I see some guys have commented about sending you scans of lucky luke. will you be posting these up? if not can you email them to me please? thanks