Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Can You Imagine IT ??

Hi all, this time I am back very quickly!And with a craziest thought having from last 3/4 years!!

Any guess?? No,it's NOT possible to guess,I think....
It's about a Return,a Re-live of our passion,our nostalgia.......
Indrajal Comics!!

After having some debate,and specially after read some other Phantom/Mandrake/Flash Gordon publications,I'm now sure for one thing...... Indrajal Comics was/is/will remain the BEST among all other sources of these heroes! And it's NOT about only the cover-story,but all those fun-filled cartoons,like Henry aka Gundhar,Chimpoo,Little king n many more,later Timpa introduced as a side-story and regularly featured in 1988-89.Just before the cancellation,they introduced Agent 000 - a single-page funny detective comics with Tinkle's Quiz. Beside these,IJC helped readers knowledge/interests immensely by Ripleys,Capri's strange-yet-exciting info on various creatures, History of World etc........ even solely those Poppins/Gems /Gold spot/various ads those remind you those lost era that only can be cherished!I never mind if original comics finished within 23/24 pages and rest pages filled with those time-less gems! :-))
Tell me, is/was there any OTHER comic-publication that serves in this way?? Indrajal was really unique!!
Moreover,IJC had published probably the BEST part of these 3 heroes with the series of hamara super-heroes like Bahadur and lately Dara.

Personally,I'm so crazy about this series that, I wish whenever Indrajal will be re-lived (if so...),they should start with it's latest format of 36-page,the same banner style and MORE OVER from the Vol. No. they left.....
You might know,the LAST IJC was a Dara one, published as Vol.27 No.8 on 15 April,1990. So,next should be Vol 27 No.9 and from 1st May of some of the upcoming years!! :))

I know,It's a complete crazy idea....feel free to call me mad or so.....BUT fact is, people who know me personally,will NOT be surprised by this ;-) as this is just the way I think,I dream,I talk OR in short I do everything!
So,here's the probable display of my dream n appeal to any Indian Publication house (BEST ToI itself) to re-start it...

Bring BACK Indrajal Comics !!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

KraKen:One of those ALL-TIME-GREAT Mandrake's Adventure-Series

Hi all Mandrake fans,here I'm with a very interesting series of this magician!
In all Mandrake strips, sometimes we experienced adventure-series in several parts,where Mandrake & Co. went through lot of weird n scary events. A common example's M/L journey to Moxley U .....
But then, what I felt , the BEST adventure was the KRAKEN SERIES published in 9 parts from 1986 - 1990 (S156 -S164).It was also the LONGEST adventure-series of this Magician! .......
The story began in a fine afternoon when Mandrake & his group (incld. Lothar,Narda and Karma) met Capt. John in his yacht 'Kraken' was about a legendary sea-monster which can swallow giant whales and squids,can destroy a 200-ton ship within a few moments & lots more ! Mandrake n John went under-the-sea to find out it's existence ,they met several deadly things and finally see that Sea-Monster!overall,it was reallllly exciting !!

It was appeared in Indrajal Comics (IJC) in 1988 as Underwater Sea-Monster (S156;Vol.25 No.14-n-15) .However,the adventure didn't finished at that point,rather it was just a beginning of several horrific-n-weird encounters.....such as the mysterious family of the Floating Island or those merciless pirates (S157) [published in IJC as Ambushed at sea (Vol.25 No.44-n-45)].After that,though mandrake team got break for a little while and having a nice time,it was NOT the end !
Rather it was Narda who'd faced a strange-yet-dangerous condition when the 10-n-half-year old Prince Babool proposed her for marrying him(S158;Young Prince)! That time Mandrake saved her with his hypnotic tricks.......then it was the time for ANOTHER most exciting turn...... the Return of Roc ,where Lothar-n-Mandrake discovered the existence of legendary giant-bird Roc....It was said,Roc can carry an elephant,this time it carried the Lothar to her nest on the Taboo Isle....just to feed her babies !(S159; IJC:Dreaded Island ;Vol.26 No.21-n-22).
However, we(i.e. most Indian Mandrake fans) able to read ONLY the first 5 parts (up to Mystery of the singing rocks- S160 ;Vol.26 No.36) ,'cos after that Indrajal Comics suddenly cancelled their series in APR'90 .So we missed all of the rest four adventures .

Do anybody ever read ALL 9 parts ???

**Here is the COMPLETE LIST of this spine-chilling n dreaded series:Kraken!
S156 The Kraken (23 Nov 1986-12 Jul 1987)
S157 The Floating Island (19 Jul 1987-27 Mar 1988)
S158 The Young Prince (3 Apr 1988-12Jun 1988)
S159 Taboo Isle (19 Jun 1988-6 Nov 1988)
S160 Singing Rocks (13 Nov 1988-2 Apr 1989)

S161 The Sport of Magicians (9 Apr 1989-27 Aug 1989)
S162 The Dolphins (3 Sep 1989-14 Jan 1990)
S163 Isle of Flowers & Death (21 Jan 1990-24 Jun 1990)
S164 Dangers in the Jungle (1 Jul 1990-16 Dec 1990)

Hope one day,we can see those apparently lost strips (may b in MTM blog! :-)))

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Comic #3:Phantom:Swamp Rats:Indrajal_No.31

When Gold Key(GK) took the copyright of Phantom from KFS in 1963, they re-illustrated some of time-less Falk-Phantom... ALL were from very early strips.....
This one,The Swamp Rats, was also an original Falk-creation .This was published in Indrajal Comics No.31 (Deadly Swamp;1966) with completely un-edited form doubt,a nice tale....

Download link:The Swamp Rats/IJC_31_Deadly Swamp

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Comic #2(a):Phantom:D194:The Albee:Last Part

Here's the last part of The Albee....
This time I'm providing only the download link..... Here it's ... D194:The Albee

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Comic #2:Phantom:D194:The Albee (1999):Part-I

Hi friends, after i published the LAST Lee Falk's Mandrake-daily (D231) ,it's now time for Phantom-the legendary saviour ....

It's The Albee ,ran from 11th Jan to 13th March of 1999,a different story about a strange race in's the 1st part,next parts will publish as soon as i get some free times.
P.S.- I'd collected it from one friend Andreas a long ago,but those were in B/W....these colored strips r contributed by hamara Bala....thanks mister . :-)
read on....