Sunday, April 6, 2008

1st Anniversary Post : Comic #25 & 26: Phantom & Mandrake Dailies

UPDATE(18th April): ComicCrazee done a fabulous job by re-formatting d Phantom daily:Lady from Nowhere(D049)!!

Do enjoy the book-format of this amazing strip & all thanks(n credit) goes to him ! :D
Download the Daily

UPDATE( 9th April): A *NEW* Blog-Header has been added....let me know guys what you feel?? :-)
Hello all friends & visitors! This is a very special day for my blog as exactly one year ago,I'd created this "Lost World of comic heroes .." !! :-)

All though,I took this blog-thing seriously quite later,in July'07,but my 1st post was indeed on 6th April,2007 & that too was on my passion for Indrajal Comics!!

This is also my silver jubilee comic-post & mean time this blog witnessed over 20,000 visits from all over the world(counted since July'07).....yeaa! :D

Thanks to ALL visitors & specially those who regularly left their valuable feed-back in different posts.....all these things simply motivated me to continue till now & hope I will continue to do same in future,at least for some period!:-)

So ,to celebrate this special day,here I'm providing 2-in-1 treat:a couple of Phantom-n-Mandrake dailies!

Enjoy the thrill of these vintage strips!

[1]Phantom:D049:The Lady From Nowhere( March-June 1953; COLORED by Ip)

~~ An unknown beautiful lady midst the dreaded jungle of Denkali...Phantom saved her from those ferocious animals,but who is she?? have some glimpses....

Download this 'Phantom' Thriller

[2]Mandrake:D149:The Rogues(12-20-1971 to 04-01-1972 ;B/W)

~~ Mandrake(& Lothar) have earned many enemies during their years of crime fighting & among all of their enemies,Cobra was the most dangerous one!In this particular tale,it shows how badly Cobra desired to destroy Mandrake & crave for his(and also Theron) source of power:the amazing Crystal Cube!! read on.....

Download this 'Mandrake' thriller


Prabhat said...

Dear Dara!
Wish you at this Special Day, May your blog live as along as you; be more interesting as old wine with time and number of visitors increase with Geometric Progression!

Chatur Cheeta said...

Happy Anniversary Sagnik!!!!!!

dArA said...

#Prabhat: Thanx dude! hahahaha....zat not pos'ble,as i wanna live longgg! :-P

with time and number of visitors increase with Geometric Progression!

Hope so! :o) Btwn,did ya ahve enjoyed the Mandrake strip?

dArA said...

Thanx mate...keep coming! :-)

Prabhat said...

Dear Dara!
Really interesting story, but I have this one. Waiting phantom & Diamond Mandrake(DC #71) links.

adibud34 said...

Sagnik, congratulations on your anniversary. May there be more and more of the same! :)

dArA said...

You are welcome!Do ypu've read zat Phantom too?? a fabulous thriller of vintage era,ain't?

dArA said...

Many thanks for d wish! :o)
Keep coming.....
Btwn,do you've read these P/M strips? plse comment what you felt as these r among-the-top stories of these Legendary Heroes!

Prabhat said...

Dear Dara!
I read this Phantom too, but don't have the strips, wish to collect.

adibud34 said...

Sagnik, I couldn't download the strips last night - some problem with mediafire. But it looks good now, so I'll do so later. I think I have the comics of both these strips - the first one is that Diamond queen thing right? The 2nd one - I recognize because of that warden getting fired.

comicrazee said...

Happy Anniversary. Keep it up!


dArA said...

don't have the strips, wish to collect

AND now you get it!
ENJOY!:D ...btwn,many more to come,just gimme some time! :-)

dArA said...

Hope this time you've d/l it!

the first one is that Diamond queen thing right?

If you've read the earlier Phantom strips(upto '50s),you may have realised,there are MANY adventures asociated wid 'mysterious' your mentioned Diamond queen or Scarlet Sorecis etc etc....AND,I CAN BET,THIS "Lady from Nowwhere" is 2nd best after zat 'Soreces' - MY Top favorite! :-)

Btwn,the Mandrake strip had been published in Ijc as #213(Cobra's revenge or like it!) allthough heavily you can get unedited version!:-)

dArA said...


Thanks friend! You have contributed many wonderful treasures like those modification/rearrange of Mandrake strips,hope to see MORE from you!
keep coming...

achtungneo said...

belated anniversary dara....keep the good work coming!!

dArA said...

Thanks! Late is better than never!:-)

Keep coming...

adibud34 said...

Cool new header, Sagnik. :)

Hey, the Phantom strip is the same that was there in IJC's "diamond queen" or something. Although, this had more panels - the IJC one was definitely censored.

dArA said...

I was looking for a *NEW* Blog header n thus thought why not create by myself something which'll incld. ALL of our heroes(n hotties! ;-))

Hey, the Phantom strip is the same that was there in IJC's "diamond queen"

Arre, that 'Diamond Queen' title was given by ToI only,inside it was mentioned 'Lady frm Nowwhere' ...ALL THOUGH zat Ijc version was a mere Gold Key creation,i.e. NOT Original Falk-Mccoy Daily n that GK ver. is pretty dull!! :(

P.S.- What I reffred by zat 'Diamond Queen' was an early falk-Moore sunday! :)

ravi gokhale said...

New blog head is more democratic. Looks cool to me.
Happy anniversay.
Sorry have been busy with domestic health issues.

dArA said...

Thanks for s compliment & wish as well!:D

Do you have like thoz strips I've posted??
Btwn,hope every thing is well now,in your family!