Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Comic #27:Phantom Sundays:Captain Amazon -the Pirate Queen(S134;1989)

Hello friends! Here's a superb classic from Phantom Sunday strips(S134) where it has been shown how a gentle,beautiful lady can become a most dreaded pirate queen - Captain Amazon ! This is one of the BEST Phantom adventures from Phantom-chronicles & eventually she later became the wife of 5th Phantom!
A mind-blowing thriller which I've re-read sometimes .Also,I've it's colored version(incomplete) from our magazine and in color copy Juliet,the pirate queen,was looking stunning!:D

The most famous quote(of her) was "Call us pirates!then we'll be Pirates"!!
Trivia:It's the first Phantom Sunday strip from the Post-Indrajal era(S133 ,which was last Phantom-Sunday in Ijcs,published as Deadly Formula;Vol.26 No.41;Dec,1989).

Have some special glimpses before I providing the d/l link! :-)


adibud34 said...

Oh boy, it looks good! Thanks, Sagnik!

Grouchy's Comics said...

Many thanks Sagnik for this wonderful strip Sagnik.

dArA said...

Thnx. yeah,enjoy this one,a rare vintage adventure-strip! Personally one of my favorites....:-)


Plz cast your vote on the Poll,n let us know when you were 1st time introduced wid IJC .... :-)

adibud34 said...

Hey Sagnik, this was really a good adventure to read. Do you by any chance have other such Phantom-bride stories? I would really love to read the one featuring the Indian princess!!!

ravi gokhale said...

Great story. B & W is classic but any chance of colour version.

dArA said...

Yep,this one is 'special' and according to me BEST of chronicle stories!~ :D

I would really love to read the one featuring the Indian princess!!!

Tht's another classic of 1986, S122:Alexander's diamond cup where beautiful Indian princess 'Pura' later became the bride of 3rd Phantom,,,i.e. 4th Phantom was half-Indiannnn ,,yeahh. ;)

Now,for comics,this one published in BOTH Ijc (V23 N17/18)& DC(#30)and TPH had alredy published the DC version I guess... :)

dArA said...

Thanks!! I've the colored version in our Bengali language,they published in awesome colored version at the SAME PERIOD od Ijcs,still coloring was far better the ToI publication!
may be later I'll scan a few pages of those Sundays!!

dArA said...

The Poll becomes interesting by now and I'm specially amazed to see as many as 4 fans cast their vote for 1964 -1969 period i.e. the earliest ones!!!
Honestly I though that '1st option' will be going to vacant,,,so am pretty curious about their still-alive love for these long lost gems!!
So, I humbly request 2 all of these earliest Indrajal-Fans,plse come forward and share your thought through comments!!! :D


Übermann said...

hey Dara, really rare and wonderful comics... Enjoyed thoroughly while reading...

Great effort bro !