Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Comic #27:Phantom Sundays:Captain Amazon -the Pirate Queen(S134;1989)

Hello friends! Here's a superb classic from Phantom Sunday strips(S134) where it has been shown how a gentle,beautiful lady can become a most dreaded pirate queen - Captain Amazon ! This is one of the BEST Phantom adventures from Phantom-chronicles & eventually she later became the wife of 5th Phantom!
A mind-blowing thriller which I've re-read sometimes .Also,I've it's colored version(incomplete) from our magazine and in color copy Juliet,the pirate queen,was looking stunning!:D

The most famous quote(of her) was "Call us pirates!then we'll be Pirates"!!
Trivia:It's the first Phantom Sunday strip from the Post-Indrajal era(S133 ,which was last Phantom-Sunday in Ijcs,published as Deadly Formula;Vol.26 No.41;Dec,1989).

Have some special glimpses before I providing the d/l link! :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

DaDa wid Bhajji,Dhoni & rest of the "Team India":They done it at last!! :-)

So,the 3rd Test is over within the 3rd day.....and wow,Team India smashed Proteus by 8 wickets to snatch this test match & so draw the on going 3-test series by 1-1!!

All though Team India played like a perfect 11-men army in this match,which lead by MS Dhoni,two men played the key role in their way to win this test. They are our Dada,Sourav Ganguly & veteran offie Bhajji! As a result,they received the much expected awards of Man of the Match & Man of the Series respectively!:D

* Score Card:
SA : 265 & 121
India: 325 & 64/2
India won by 8 wickets

Between,after loosing the toss,it was sure than Dhoni's team would have to play in the 4th innings in such a spinning(& steadily deteriorating) track!! Thus Dada's brilliant knock of 87(of 119 balls) helped 'em to get a lead which further increased up to 60 odd runs courtesy our smart tail-duo Ishant & Srisanth who'd put valuable 46-run in their last wicket partnership & that(partnership) really made Smith-gang frustrated & set 'em on back foot!

Even today,on the D-3 of this match,Indian bowlers done their job quite superbly(kudos to Dhoni for his smart bowling change!) by restricted SA within paltry 121-run,as a result only 62 runs were needed to win for Team India!
So ,after this winning, the 2nd spot of Test Ranking will remain to Team India for some more time ....that's until their next test series in July against Lanka! :-)))

Sunday, April 6, 2008

1st Anniversary Post : Comic #25 & 26: Phantom & Mandrake Dailies

UPDATE(18th April): ComicCrazee done a fabulous job by re-formatting d Phantom daily:Lady from Nowhere(D049)!!

Do enjoy the book-format of this amazing strip & all thanks(n credit) goes to him ! :D
Download the Daily

UPDATE( 9th April): A *NEW* Blog-Header has been added....let me know guys what you feel?? :-)
Hello all friends & visitors! This is a very special day for my blog as exactly one year ago,I'd created this "Lost World of comic heroes .." !! :-)

All though,I took this blog-thing seriously quite later,in July'07,but my 1st post was indeed on 6th April,2007 & that too was on my passion for Indrajal Comics!!

This is also my silver jubilee comic-post & mean time this blog witnessed over 20,000 visits from all over the world(counted since July'07).....yeaa! :D

Thanks to ALL visitors & specially those who regularly left their valuable feed-back in different posts.....all these things simply motivated me to continue till now & hope I will continue to do same in future,at least for some period!:-)

So ,to celebrate this special day,here I'm providing 2-in-1 treat:a couple of Phantom-n-Mandrake dailies!

Enjoy the thrill of these vintage strips!

[1]Phantom:D049:The Lady From Nowhere( March-June 1953; COLORED by Ip)

~~ An unknown beautiful lady midst the dreaded jungle of Denkali...Phantom saved her from those ferocious animals,but who is she?? have some glimpses....

Download this 'Phantom' Thriller

[2]Mandrake:D149:The Rogues(12-20-1971 to 04-01-1972 ;B/W)

~~ Mandrake(& Lothar) have earned many enemies during their years of crime fighting & among all of their enemies,Cobra was the most dangerous one!In this particular tale,it shows how badly Cobra desired to destroy Mandrake & crave for his(and also Theron) source of power:the amazing Crystal Cube!! read on.....

Download this 'Mandrake' thriller

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Re-telling??

Who can forget the famous meeting of Mandrake & Lothar(S101:The Meeting of Mandrake and Lothar;1967)?? Later a great friendship was formed & that becomes one of the greatest Crime-fighter duo!!

Yesterday I bought a Diamond Mandrake(DC #71) which consists two Mandrake dailies & one of 'em was 'The Ears of Earth' .This particular daily is from the Post-Indrajal era (D214:19 July,1993 - 27th November,1993).

As I went through this strip,it seems Falk had completely changed/re-told a couple of facts those are inherent part of Mandrake adventures!

One of those was Theron's age ....which was clearly mentioned many times in past as 308 years & he was 275-year old when Mandrake born! But,in this strip,surprisingly Theron's age becomes 408 years & he was 380-year old during Mandrake's birth!!
Anyway,Falk was never consistent over the statistics & it's somewhat ok...but the second 'change' was really like a re-telling of some inherent tale & needless to say,quite puzzling!

It's about how Mandrake & Lothar were first met and in this daily:'The Ears of Earth(1993)' ,Falk completely changed that famous tale!! Only common thing was their meeting place:the deep African jungle ....otherwise,it's completely different tale!

In the ORIGINAL tale of 1967,it has been shown that Mandrake was looking for a cruel killer:Mad Dog Dill. Lothar was also looking for the same killer,when his father,then king of his tribe ,ordered him to do so! In this way they met & later Lothar left his kingdom & joined wid Mandrake...

But here,in this 1993-daily,the situation was completely different. After death of his father,Lothar's uncle became the king & as Lothar refused to marry some tribe-girl,her brother attacked him wid his gang....,,that's when Mandrake appeared in the spot & saved Lothar wid his mighty magic.Between,this time Mandrake was intend to explore the ruins of Lothar's ancestor(and NOT to after any killer)!

I donno why Falk re-told that tale which's itself a real classic(n special too!) thriller for all Man-Fans !!
Anyway,in this 1993-daily,all though story began wid Collage of Magic,Theron,Mandrake-Lothar's meeting etc....but the basic plot was completely different and quite thrilling as I can say! :-)

Between,DC #71 has another daily,from Davis era:The Chief(D125 :1964) which had publicised in Indrajal Comics twice(The Mouse Trap :Ijc #90 & Vol.24 No.39)..