Thursday, November 3, 2011

Comic #72 & 73 : Mandrake Sundays : S142(Super Giant) & S148(Prince Nasdaq)

A couple of Falk-Fredricks sundays from the late '70s and early '80s for this time.These were already published in Indrajal Comics,like majority of MTM strips from those periods!Super Giant appeared in No.380(The Legend of the Giants)/সংখ্যা ৩৫৭(মহাদানবের খোঁজে) while Prince Nasdaq in Vol.20 No.32(The Avaricious Prince/আজব দেশের বন্দী). [You will find a few Swedish/Italian pages as replacement of the missing English counter-parts,but that won't harm the pleasure of reading.]

By the way,today Indrajal Forum has completed it's 1st anniversary,quite silently though,as I doubt whether anybody except me actually has noticed this! ;_  There are hardly any activities lately but I will try to keep alive this forum as long as possible, so at least visitors can read various older topics/discussions.
To be very honest,to form a forum on Indrajal Comics was kinda small tribute from my side to all Indrajal bloggers & fans.It's indeed quite fascinating to see how a mere comic-series,that too was cancelled more than two decades ago,has successfully created a special bonding among the millions of fans from the various backgrounds and ages!! I hope our love for this series will remain intact in the rest of our lives!

Now,enjoy these strips...
Bye & have fun!



3d said...

super giant ;;-what a plot, nice story

Suman said...

er sathe jodi er bangla gulo-o thakto tahole sonae sohaga hoto.