Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas : Comic #74 : The Road House(S126) - A Mandrake Sunday from '70s

Merry Christmas to all blogger & visitor friends! :-)

ENJOY a short sunday strip that was skipped by ToI in the Indrajal Comics for some unknown reason.
This adventure happened just before Mandrake & Lothar's long(& eventful) journey to Harison University for their magic show and beyond that,started from S127(Ghost Town) till S136(Mr Ttazz).[Except S129(Man from Europa),all were subsequently published in Ijcs,within the issues #265 to #330.]

Now,read this complete strip on-line...



Comic World said...

Thanks for the missing strip.

HojO said...

@CW:you are welcome.:)
@ALL: A new post on Mandrake & Lothar's meeting is coming soon..