Thursday, February 23, 2012

Comic #79 : Mandrake Sunday : The Bee Thief (S170; Italain)

Do any fan have this strip in English??Till date,I have only managed to get this Italian version of this '93 sunday courtesy one & only Magnus.There are few more strips we have from '90s in mixed Eng+Italian version.Between,can you find out the similarity of the basic plot with some classic Mandrake daily,eventually that was published in Indrajal?? :)

Also check out these 2 vertical sunday pages from a couple of Post-Falk sundays,The Bullies(S178) & The Invisible Person(S179).Do these ring any bell?? It certainly will,if you are a seasoned Mandrake fan! ;o) 


PBC said...

Where is English version? :)

Waiting next 2 strips also.

HojO said...

@PBC:I am also looking for that!:)Between,do you have reognised the similarity with one old classic??

And yes,there will be another '80s classic on the 150th post that is coming soon..

Mahasthobir said...

A nice looking man with big spectacle...finally made some big butterfly.
I forgot the title and issue no of ijc.

Amar sudhu eituku mone porche...janina thik bollam ki na.

Thanks for this strip and waiting for your 150th post. :)

HojO said...
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HojO said...

@MS:U came close! :)Yeah,that was "Khune Patanga(B #208)" or "The Death Warrant(E #230)"...That was quite a story,pretty unique,though the finishing could be more thrilling!