Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Comic #80 : Mandrake Sunday : Dr Ffark's Cosmic Circus(S152)

 Another '80s strip.Another from Indrajal era.Another from Magnus' collection.

 And this is my 150th post at The Lost World something that took allmost 5 years!I have been lazy,I know but truly enjoyed every bit of blogging courtesy our fellow bloggers like TCP,Zaheer,Sudhanshu,Anupam,Bala,Prabhat,Walker to name a few & of course,the ardent visitors! :_))
 Also,if one look at the nature of these posts,it's quite evidently I was more frequent on Mandrake(73 posts ; 49%) than anything else.There was at least one Mandrake comic in allmost all of my milestone posts and this is no exception either! :o) [The 2nd & 3rd most frequent other heroes/series are Indrajal Comics(48 posts ; 32%) & The Phantom(41 posts ; 27%). ]

  • S152 - Dr Ffark's Cosmic Circus(1984):
[NOTE:This Sunday was appeared in Indrajal Comics in V23 N19(The Dragour From Vega-3/ভেগার শাসক ড্রেগার) on 1986. I have attached a couple of vintage Indrajal pages(with the issue cover) and their strip counter-parts.]

                                     DOWNLOAD S152


PBC said...

Thanks for sharing many strips & comics which were unavailable at net.
Reading original strips is really much more interesting than reading modified comics.

Mahasthobir said...

Thanks for the comics! :)

Ya, I also agree with PBC. Ijc edited original strips very badly. They ruined the original art.

HojO said...

@PBC:U r welcome bud! Yes,while Indrajals will definetly hold their own unique space in our heart,original strips are completely different thing!U can feel more closeness with the creations of those great men!

HojO said...

@Mahasthobir: Yes,Ijc did ruined some parts,but not many.However,the most annoying part was when the local artists(?) of ToI tried to "draw their own figures" to fill those elongated panels,something that was most damaging than those simple elongated-with-empty-space panels.

Comic World said...

Congratulations for 150th post,hoping to see more colors here with time regarding comics.

ps:sorry for delay in commenting.

HojO said...

@CW:Thanks bud! :)