Tuesday, August 5, 2014

VAMPIRELLA Masters' Series Vol.6 - A Re-view Post

I was introduced with Vampirella, the vampire super-heroine, very much recently through some on-line sites. Then after some quick search on the published titles, I ordered Vol.6 (Dynamite publication) through infibeam(this site offered the lowest price,which is 813/-  for this $17.00 issue).
And just have finished the reading.
  It was like watching a movie with it's dynamic flow,vibrant background and a supernatural charm. I am quite new in this series but have no hesitation to admit that this writer-artist duo,J.ROBINSON and JOE JUSKO,did splendid job! Specially,JUSKO's art! He made this vampire woman quite beautiful,hot,charming and the same time,a savage and terrifying beastly female! 
Overall,it was a treat for the eyes plus, the mind! The best possible realistic art,the best use of color and of course the quality of pages made this book a definite pick for all serious comic/graphic novels' readers!
Vampirella was originally presented as an inhabitant of the planet DRAKULON, a world where a vampiric race lived on blood and where blood flowed in rivers. The story begins with the inhabitants of Drakulon dying slowly due to the drying up of its blood. 
The journey was about that place DRAKULON at the Hell,that river-of-blood,STYX and it's revival. As inhabitants of Drakulons i.e. vampires do survive by drinking the fresh blood from this river,which is now dead,and hence they are killing each other for survival!!

Will Adam and Vampirella accomplish their mission?? 
PS - The original vampirella stories were made in b/w,some were really praise-worthy,which can be found under the title Vampirella Archives.. 

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Abhishek Kumar said...

Yes Vampi was really good however if you would really like to enjoy Vampi then i would suggest you get hold of the original Warren published books the early covers were done by Frank Frazetta especially #1 and #19 are acclaimed classics!