Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Devil's Island'(aka 'শয়তানের দ্বীপ') by Mayukh Chowdhury in PORTUGUESE(পর্তুগীজ)

UPDATE (31/8/2014) : Now in SPANISH!! After English and Portuguese, 'Saytaner Dweep' - the original Bengali creation by Mayukh Chawdhury, now has been translated in 3 languages - ALL on 2014(and the original story was created on 1965). 
The Spanish title is "La Isla Del Diablo" and JABATO did the job!!
Thanks mate...
Here is the link of La Isla Del Diablo

Hopefully,in the coming days MC work will be translated in more such languages!

    You might have remember that few months back I have translated a Mayukh Chowdhury comics based at a Californian coast - শয়তানের দ্বীপ(Saytaner Dweep) - in English,titled : The Devil's Island.
The purpose was to spread this legendary artist-cum-storytellers' creation among the millions of English speaking readers as all original MC works are in Bengali only and none of those was ever translated before in English, making MC works restricted within the Bengali readers only!

But no more!

Our one of the Brazilian bloggers Celso Nunes(aka KALL) read that MC story in English and he liked it and felt it should be spread among his native fans i.e. Portuguese readers.

So here is his own translated version of "শয়তানের দ্বীপ" in Portuguese, from the English version itself(and his photoshop work made that story even more stuning!).

The title is "A Ilha do Diabo"...
(Visit his blog and download this version)

  • Original Creator(in Bengali) : Mayukh Chowdhury
  • Translator(in English) : HojO(SP Ghosh)
  • Translator(in Portuguese) : KALL(C.Nunes)
This has been discussed at Facebook too...

While most of the Bengali readers can't read Portuguese ,we really appreciate the way he helped to spread a MC work among the readers whom nobody could imagine will read a Bengali illustrator's native creation!!

It surely IS a great day for all Mayukh fans!! :-)

Dhanyabaad Bandhu !
Thanks Friend !
Obrigado Amigo !


Jhara Pata said...

Congrats for your effort too HojO !

Celso Nunes said...

Yeah! As Jhara says above... Congratulations for your effort too. I saw some other stories of Indian artists, and are very good. Worth revere the art works of them. :)

HojO said...

@JP : Thanks!
@Celso : Same from here too..Wud try to translate few more...

HojO said...

The real "fun" : someone commented on Celso's blog in Portuguese,which translates to this : "Kall, what is this story? Looks like old American stories of the 1950s."

Really,MC had no boundary!!