Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Poetries @e-Magazines(Pujabarshiki)

 Friends,as you know we have two famous e-magazine groups : "Feluda Fan Club" and "Feluda Dreamers official" - both do publish Pujabarshiki(Puja Annual) on every year as they did on this year,1421. Few weeks ago,I have sent my poetries for their consideration. Now, these two e-magazines have released on yesterday at Mahasathi,30/9/2014, and both of my poetries have been selected in their pages!
So a big thanks for the respective editorial groups. :)
In this post I will add BOTH the original links of these two Magazines(Pujabarshiki) from where you can read their "Printed-versions",as well as, My "Original Copies",which I had sent at first place. [While I am posting the original Version for easier access for all, I will always suggest you to download these magazines as there are plenty other fine write-ups/articles..Also their presentation,get-up are top-notch.]
[1] The first poetry was titled "Tumi Acho(তুমি আছো)" which has been published in 'Feluda Fan Club's Magazine "Amra o Feluda(আমরা ও ফেলুদা)" ( .You have to just join the group and download the magazine(my poetry is on page-142).

Direct DOWNLOAD Link : "Amra o Feluda"('তুমি আছো' at p-142)

"NOTE" : There are a couple of 'mistakes' like the 5th line has been repeated and it should had been 'Sada Kash' instead of 'Sada Pal' on the 8th is ok! :)
[2] The second poetry was titled "Runa,Tumi Asbe?(রুণা,তুমি আসবে?)" which has been published in  'Feluda Dreamers official's magazine "Kheror Khata(খেরোর খাতা)"( Here also you simply have to join and download the magazine(my poetry is on page-17)..

Direct DOWNLOAD Link : "Kheror Khata"('রুণা,তুমি আসবে?' at p-17)

"NOTE" : A noticeable mistake like wrong-spelling of should be "রুণা" and not 'রুনা'....Other than this,only a few minor typos like it should be 'ভেবোনা' instead of 'ভাবনা'(which has been repeated for more than twice) and few others..but these won't bother you much,hopefully!
AND FINALLY,I am adding the Original Copies of these two poetries.While I sent 'Runa,Tumi Asbe(রুণা,তুমি আসবে ?)?' in typed-version(Avro) ,I had to sent hand-written version for 'Tumi Acho(তুমি আছো)' due to time-constraint,unfortunately.

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