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BIJOYA Special : Comic #115 : Tarzan Daily by John Celardo(Tarzan Meets Countess Oro) in BENGALI

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 The latest on-going Tarzan daily  at the Bengali newspaper : BARTAMAN! This is a re-run series of old,vintage strips and this one(Tarzan Meets Countess Oro) is from 1965 and 147th in the order...  (The novelty of this Bengali version is that,apart from these Bartaman cutting,no other printed version of these TARZAN strips were ever published anywhere in Bengali.)

In this post,I am posting the Part-I of this strip as it's yet to be concluded. Will post the last part when it will end(scheduled at the end of this month only)..

ENJOY!!(scans of some of the strips are not at-par alignment wise,but there would be no problem reading-wise nor I had any agenda to make a print-ready copy,so..)

Now,who is ITO(ইতো)??
 The boy mentioned in this story,or on that vase to begin with, has a long history and association with Tarzan.Much like what Rex is meant for Betal/Phantom,ITO is for Tarzan.He is kind of foster-father of this lost child he rescued from a crashed plane in mid of a dense forest..
 To to know him better,I would suggest you to read this following tales - centered on ITO(as I don't have the Bengali version,so attaching the original English strips here) :

DOWNLOAD Tarzan Rescues Ito+The Storm(D133+D134 ; 1962)

Between,you can read Russ Manning's TARZAN Sundays(colored) at my other blog Bengali Treasure-Trove(BTT)'s Tarzan section.
 Now,let's discuss something related to my recent old-book hunt.On the last month, I got a very old UK based comic series book,ACTION SERIES from the '60s era,from one of the one of the old-book sellers! This particular book features Mandrake,published exactly 50 years ago,on August 1964 in the United Kingdom. 

  I was at first quite surprised by seeing this 50 years' old UK Mandrake book at Kolkata market,rather odd connection! But then, anything related to Mandrake & Phantom are like treasure for me.
  Between,that seller asked just 20 INR!! (Any other seller would charged a much higher price but somehow he didn't realize it's worth.However, one of the nearby sellers was giving expression like he  missed a good opportunity!! ;-) As On August 1964,Indrajal Comics was just a 6-month-old series,and the Bengali version was yet to introduced - enough to indicate this books' rarity and worth! )

  Back at home,my optimistic mind was hoping for more such Mandrake issues from this publisher but then the famous MandrakeWiki ends all hope as it's clearly mentioned there this was the ONLY Mandrake story published in this UK based ACTION SERIES(there,however, few other heroes were appeared,not much known to us other than Secret Agent X9(Corrigan) and Flash Gordon,though!).

 The story inside was from the 122nd daily strip titled,Master of Magic, also published in the Indrajal much later,on November 1975(Issue No.241(Eng/Hin)/No.219(Ben)).
  • Publisher : Young World Publications(UK)
  • Issue No. : 6
  • Hero Featured : Mandrake
  • Story Title : Master of Magic(D122; 1963)
  • Publication Period : August 1964
 PS - In the UK many publishers tried their hand on Mandrake and among them Miller did the best job..


Ranjan Gangopadhyay said...

SUBHO BIJOYA ............
thanks for the tarzan strips
& congratulations for getting the rare MANDRAKE at such a cheep price
you r very lucky ....... and you deserve such kind of luck as a mandrake lover ......... :):):):)

HojO said...

Suvo Bijoya to you too!!
And thanks for appreciation :)....wish more such lick on Mandrake as still many to cover,specially ei typer odd books-er to hiseb nei...

Ajnaabi said...

Scan it Hojo. :)
25 years back I did come across some Gold Token Books that has some missing Brick Bradford Strips, will scan them somedays....
Btw, Mandrake is flowing @
Plz comment this new form of Compilation... This is a time consuming works, will only continue if feedbacks are achieved regarding it...

Ajnaabi said...

PS. There is NO Gold Token Comics Scanned so far in the Entire Internet. (I know it) If you do it, it will be the FIRST.... :)

HojO said...

@Ajnabi : I am quite tempted to scan this book,specially after seeing the MW post,but the condition is bit tattered(all pages are there,no tear but the binding part..) But I will try..

It seems this series was short-lived but introduced many a characters..

About Mandrake,will visit the pages and comment there asap....anything on Mandrake I don't miss! :)

Ajnaabi said...

U may have to edit those pages a bit after scanning, but it can be scanned. I was facing similar problems with those UK pocket books, but the result does comes out right after a Photoshop job. See this

HojO said...

@Ajnabi: Ok,i will try....the basic problem is wid the binding-point..