Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4th Anniversary Celebration: Comic #56 - 58: Special Indrajal-Mandrake STRIPS' Post

 Continuing from the on-going national celebration,there's a very small(& personal) celebration lies ahead as well,since today this blog-space,The Lost World,completes 4 years. :-) I have enjoyed this special e-space only due to our comic-blogs and went on posting since April,2007(in my own pace though),otherwise, I might not even had registered as a blogger @1st place(just to run any non-comic site).By the way,this IS my 119th post. 
 So thanks to all the fellow bloggers and the visitors as well,for keep visiting this little site regularly(even when there's not much posting) and that results over 1,00,000 page views till date(however,site-meter has been added after ~7 months in the blogging,since 4/11/2007).
 Back in 2007,I had ONLY ONE passion and that was to get old issues of Indrajal Comics,as much as possible & in any of these languages : Bengali & English & even Hindi! After the FOUR good  years,now I can admit that,while Indrajal Comics(which we fondly refer by Ijc) will always be remained special for me and I will cherish reading whatever have collected in all these years. Saying this, the major change in the last 4 years WAS my exposure with the newspaper strips,which were,in fact,the original sources of most of the Indrajal stories of Phantom/Mandrake/Flash & other western heroes. Before my introduction with blogging & comic scans,I had very little idea/exposure with this format(strips), but gradually with time I've found a deep association with these "original form"(which is now becoming only deeper & stronger) and hence trying to collect strips as much as possible.
 And this desire/approach to get the stories in their "original format/shape" sometimes forcing me to see, what we got in the Indrajal(& DC), in a poor light(unfortunately yes!) i.e. those heavily edited/elongated panels,re-lettering etc. which ToI did just to fit the panels in their book's format! While undoubtedly my love towards this amazing comic series,filled with loads of nostalgia & passion for me,will always be there but end of the day have to accept the truth as well.
Now,in order to celebrate this special moment,let's enjoy some of the following Sunday Strips of Mandrake the Magician and for this time,I've selected only those which were published in the Indrajal in a different & edited format.You just need to read these,and have to compare with the respective Indrajal versions(available scans/hard copies),to see the difference.Nevertheless,I've enjoyed the both versions and hopefully all of you will do same!And all of these are based on Central-Galaxy.

(Scans of Indrajal versions of these following strips are already available on-line.)


  • S137 - Narq's Conquest(Ijc No.334 - Invasion Of The Earth ;1979):

                                                    Download S137
  •  S151 - The Evil Star(Ijc Vol.22 No.23 - The Predator Star ;1985):

                                                      Download S151 

Now,let's enjoy the longest ran MTM sunday of 89 weeks covering 1984-1986....
  • S154 - The Central Galaxy(Ijc Vol.23 No.47 & 48 - Magnon's Glorious Reign ;1986):

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