Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Russ Manning's TARZAN Sunday Strips in BENGALI

 Anandamela(AM),the popular Bengali teen-magazine,used to publish Tarzan's sunday strips from the very beginning of it's publication(April,1975) and the early strips were from the famous Tarzan artist - Russ Manning's era(1968-1979)! Have a look at a couple of Tarzan pages appeared in the '80s AMs,featuring the final two RM strips(S24 : Tarzan Returns to Pellucida & S25 : Tarzan and the Games of Ibizzia ).The quality of inking was pretty decent.(I have added the english counter-part as well.)
 For the readers of old AM,you should have remembered that at the early stage,AMs were published in the pocket-book format before shifted in the current giant format since the mid '80s. :)


Devil said...


You have put so many cover pages and so many single pages. But, not a single full comics in Bengali. Please post some of them in full so that we can read that.

debu said...


can you please upload these comics in full, as i am looking for the same for long time. i read few strips from anandamela, so eagerly waiting to read the whole comics. :)