Sunday, April 10, 2011

Comic #59 & 60 : A couple of Post-Falk MTM Sundays

Today enjoy a couple of MTM sunday strips from the Post-Falk era..
First,an edited and reconstructed version of already published strip, S181 - Trick Stealer, and another new one,S184 - The Bank Mystery. I've edited both strips which were originally in a weird vertical shape(have add one for example) send by Dan.So have to edit for more comfortable & conventional reading!

In the last 2-3 months I was fortunate enough to receive plenty of Falk-Fredricks strips(from Dan) covering the '60s to '90s eras.And the best thing is,all strips are colored(except few),so you will see more in the coming days! :-)

  • S181 - Trick Stealer(2-6-2000 to 5-28-2000):
This was earlier published by Bala in his blog and when I was checking that old post for reference,suddenly one very unpleasant memory comes up in my mind,which Bala had discussed in this post in a very fitting moment . That period of time,our comic blogs were rather badly attacked by one stupid & very jealous,cheap minded person,who used to steal links from original blogs & add those in his own "pirated" site(under a fake name)!And the worst part was that person,himself being a blogger & so-called moralist himself,still did that back-stabbing act!Through some technology & other sources of fellow bloggers,we got enough proofs against that culprit,learnt his original name & the location.Since then,in the blogging world, he's infamously known as "The Pathetic Hell-hound"(Old-timers surely got the link,ain't?? ;o) ).
 Then ALL bloggers had unitedly protest against his act and posted their feelings through their own blogs( I was no exception!).Finally that idiot had to delete that fake blog & disappeared for a long time to save his own image,whatever left.. :-) We didn't posted those "proofs" on-line after that.
Now,few months back, one fellow blogger told me that he has once again started blogging and investing his free-time in showing-off  his "talent" in another field,bit different from the stealing/copying other's work! ;-).As some of us were cracking jokes(on him) while chatting,one told me "hopefully, he'll stay that way,as we still have all those proofs!!" Rightly so....

Now,let's enjoy this new version(have a look @the original vertical strips,which were used to publish in some US magazine,and the reconstructed one).

                                        Download The Strip

  •  S184 - The Bank Mystery(3-18-2001 to 7-22-2001):
This is one of those Post-Falk strips that deals with one of the dreaded and long-time enemies of Mandrake & Lothar,Mole! This time,you'll see him back in action,with some twists @the end! :-)


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