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Comic #64 : Indrajal Comics(Bengali) : No.69(Betal) :Ghurni-Sagore Diana(ঘূর্ণি-সাগরে ডায়ানা)

UPDATE(23/7): For all cricket fans & fanatics(like me),I'm sure you are watching the on-going Ind-Eng 1st test -  the historical 2000th TEST match - from Lords'!! (For those who came in late,this longest form of cricket on it's 134th year(since 1877) and for Team India,they are on their 79th year,since 1932.)
 Another new Bengali Indrajal for this time.ঘূর্ণি-সাগরে ডায়ানা based on a  dreaded plot against Diana and how Phantom finally saved her life! But, it was not another of those 'Diana-kidnapped-by-some-lover-prince' kind adventures,rather a gruesome murder-plot where that conman Dice tried to kill Diana, using a couple of ferocious killer sharks!
 Well,I am not going to elaborate further as don't want to ruin the suspense for those Bengali fans who yet to read this story in any language.And, if you already have read the English version,enjoy this Bengali counter-part! :-)
 Between,don't miss this following advertisement of the TEN EARLIEST ISSUES of 'Amar Chitra Katha(ACK)'!!And as you know very well,these are the rarest issues of ACK,based on much different stories - mostly western fairy tales - than what we got from #11(Krishna) onwards.(It's quite surprising that,while one will get plenty of old ACKs right from #11 from the old-markets,but NOT these issues!!Strange,ain't?? Personally,I have only a few issues incld. #2 - সিন্ডেরেলা . I donno if anybody has all of these 10 issues in Bengali/English!)
 I have a special bonding with this Indrajal.Actually 2 Indrajals,in total. Besides ঘূর্ণি-সাগরে ডায়ানা(সংখ্যা ৬৯), the other one is a Mandrake-Ijc in English - The Treacherous Gang(No.77).These two issues were the earliest 'below #100' Indrajals I read ever and purchased on the same day from one seller!
  Well,that Betal story was much exciting but plot-wise,nothing new.In the other hand,that Mandrake story was a land-marking adventure & one of the major reasons behind those huge changes in the Mandrake's universe(for better,of course) & pattern of the future stories(sundays+dailies) from mid '60s onwards!
 This was the FIRST ever encounter with that dreaded & international criminal gang, (in)famously known as "The League of 8"..just "8"(as Narda told Mandrake for the very first time!) Before this issue,I already read another '8' adventure with Dr.Dell(Ijc V23 N10) where it has been mentioned that it was Narda who proved the existence of this gang in the modern era!So reading 'that' actual story was something very special for me!! (And mind it,I'm talking about the time when there was NO Indrajal-List available on-line nor I had any idea about Xanadu back then!So my Indrajal-hunts in the old-markets were quite wild in those days/years.That was actually much different than what we are doing in the last 3-4 years i.e. preparing a wish-list much beforehand with own choice of  heroes/stories inside etc.)
Now,to read the complete story of  ঘূর্ণি-সাগরে ডায়ানা,click the following link:

DOWNLOAD সংখ্যা ৬৯


Suman said...

Many many thnx. Er pore kintu Tufan chai. Ota amar khub priyo galpo.

Mahasthobir said...

@HoJoDa,Many many thanks.

ek diney eksathey pora duto brings back memory of another.

In your previous post I told you about a story of Mandrake and the bengali name was out of my mind...kintu tomar ebarer lekhate johon dekhalam 'gurni sagore diana-r' sathey 'rohoshymoi 8' porechele, tokhon ami mone korbar chesta korlam oi boitar sathye ami ki ki porechilam...surprisingly this fact remind me the bengali name'somohoner mayajal'. er sathey ami 'Atoler Atma' porechhilam.
'Atoler atma' remind me the name.

Majhe majhe old book store-e jokhon purano Indrajal peye jai bhalo je lage..:) oi dinta ekta special day hoye jai...kon dokan theke kon boita kinechimal chirakal more theke jai.

'gurni sagore diana' amar bhisan bhalo laga IJC gulor ekta...tumi duto asadharon boi eksathey porecho.
'rohoshymoi 8'ekebare darun...I can feel how you enjoyed it because you already knew that narda was the first person who had been kidnaped by 8 and sure it add some extra thril in your reading pleasure.

So you have Amar chitra kotha #2 and what is your earliest issue in indrajal? is it also #2 or #1?
Tomar moto 'Indrajal Somtrat'-r kachhe 1,2 thaka osombhob kichhu noi... :)

ar diney diney ogulor digiver. amader kacheo chale ashbe nishchay...:))

Achcha tumi ki .rar U/L koro? na .cbr .cbz baniye my software envirnment its only shows as .rar, ami CDisplay use korchi.

Maverick said...

Awesome!Nice post. Wow! you have ACK issues between 1-10? Thats incredible! Alongwith Indrajal No.1,those first ten ACK must be considered the holy Grail for comic collectors! :)
It was Narda who proved the existence of 8? Didn know that.Thanks for the info.

PBC said...

What a mood!

Keep it as longer as possible.

I like downloading, while downloading like reading. :)

PBC said...

@Maverick: Earlier I had same opinion like you.

After seeing many of 1 to 10 ACKs, understood why from #11 (Krishna)ACK fans start counting.

Devil said...

Thanks HOjo a lot for this comics. This one I don't have in my collection. So, getting a chance to read it would be a real pleasure and thanks for that.

Regarding, 8, yes these are the most interesting stories of Mandrake. '8' would always come with something new, like dropping a small atom bomb on Xanadu! Gokhro aka Lucifer (aka 8 in all probability) was the most dangerous enemy Mandrake ever had. I remember the story 'Daineer Hasi' which was published in two parts. This was one of my first Mandrakes. The Elina, Derek and Lucifer were together. I read the first part in around 1991 and could lay my hands on second part in one second hand shop in college street only in 2004!

Regarding ACK, I don't have any of the first ten. Yep, I have ACK 11 (Krishna) in hard copy and have already posted in my blog. I hope you have seen it.

Keep posting bye.

Devil said...

@Mahastobir, .rar ba .zip ar .cbr eki format. Just .rar ba .zip ke .cbr ba .cbz e rename kore nao.

Mahasthobir said...
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Mahasthobir said...

Thanks Devil,:)
.rar=.cbr .zip=.cbz

eta ami jani...

ami sudhu jante chaichhilam hojoda file U/L korar somoy file ext ki rakhen...
.rar naki .cbr...

HojO said...

@Suman:U r welcome.Tufan will be posted after few titles.

HojO said...

@MS:'Atoler atma' IS a fabulous tale...much complex than other '70s MTM stories.Remember that cold-blooded killer couple??

oi dinta ekta special day hoye jai...kon dokan theke kon boita kinechimal chirakal more theke jai.

ditto!! :))

And yes,'gurni sagore diana' is one of the best Falk-McCoy stories!

I was pretty excited when read 'The Treacherous Gang(No.77)'.Particularly, I won't forget that panel(3rd in 1st page) where Narda revealed her findings of "8" from a footnote!!(It's another thing that she was lookin' damn gorgeous there!:))
Actually,what I have realised,to enjoy ALL "8" Stories in full-extent,you have to read both Bengali & English versions!(Well,this is true for many P/M stories aswell.)

About my collection,considering #3 was in such bad shaped,I would say I have #4 onwards..Ar amar kache kebol 2-3 te ACK 1-10 ache(got in a ijc binder!)
#11 thekei toh original ACK suru hoyechilo!:)

HojO said...

About file nature,I convert in WINrar so this can be opened using cdisplay.Winrar e extrat kora ba file form kora khub subhidhar!

HojO said...

@Maverick:I have only few btwn 1-10 and those were just F.T.s .The best came from #11 only.But due to least availability,those 10 issues are in demand now! :)
Yes,it was NARDA who proved the existence of '8',much like what DIANA did with 'Scorpia' gang(read Ijc #345-346).The only difference was,unlike Octon's gang,Scorpia never returned!

HojO said...

@PBC:Will try. :)

HojO said...

@Devil:Glad to hear that you have enjoyed ঘূর্ণি-সাগরে ডায়ানা.

ALL 8 stories were fabulous(In Ijc,we got upto 'The Executioner from 8'(D197): V25 N30-31.
Later,DC published "Post-Ijc" stories like following:
D203 - The Gift from 8
D207 - Return of the Clay Camel nd Others
D211 - The Book of Criminals
[By the way,D217(The Secret Place) - the LAST complete '8' story and that last-Falk daily with a brief mention of 8 - D231(The Secret Mission) - were never appeared in India]

'Daineer Hasi' was the FIRST EVER appearance of Aleena(the enchatress) in Ijc,so you read quite a special story.:)

I read the first part in around 1991 and second part only in 2004!
WELL WELL,THIS IS SOMETHING HAPPENED WITH ME & SO MANY OTHER Ijc FANS!! Everyone becomes nostalgic in 'those' days!!:))

Suman said...

Anekdin age #20 r #22 e duto bhari sundar Disneyr Mickey Mouse-er ijc beriechilo. Segulo pele khub ananda hoto.

PBC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PBC said...

Is there any chance of getting new scans of Eng #77 ? :)

Subin Jameel said...

Hello Sir. Hojo...

I've heard much about you. I have ventured into the world of collecting my childhood comics very recently.

Hey, this is a little initiative of mine.
Do check it out!

This is the new Retro Comics India page.This is a cumulative effort in collating & compiling Vintage & out of print comics from India.

I'd love it if you could take a look.

Bheem said...

Can you please re-up this issue