Saturday, July 30, 2011

Comic #65 & 66 : 2 Unpublished Mandrake Strips(D116 - Narda's TV Show AND S171 - Galactic Birthday Party)

 Hello friends,couldn't scan any Indrajal in the last few days.However,you will soon find a new Bengali Ijc  here.
 Before that, enjoy a couple of rare MTM strips - D116 & S171 - those were never published in India,in any book format.D116,a '62 strip,was skipped by both Ijc & DC and S171 is from the Post-Ijc era('94).[Now,D116 is completely in English while S171 is mixed with colored Italian scans with the b/w English strips.But you can predict the story as the script was bit repetitive!]
And these are contributions of the one of the biggest MTM fan from Sweden,Magnus and of course,Dan!:-)

 D116 - Narda's TV Show: An unusual plot where Narda played the centre character with only a minor presence of Mandrake and at the end,both of them were completely baffled.(There were a couple of strips on this same theme published in the '80s Indrajals.Can you recall those?? :-) )

S171 - Galactic Birthday Party: Another central-galactic adventure.This time our friends were invited in the planet Magna to celebrate Nardraka's birthday...

                                  Download the Sunday
Between,to find out all Mandrake's adeventures in the C-G published in this blog,visit this general link.


Mahasthobir said...

জুলাই ২০ থকে জুলাই ৩০ মাত্র ১০ দিনের gap, কিন্তু তাতেও মনে হচ্ছিল অনন্তকাল... মনে হচ্ছিল বহুদিন হোজো-র দেখা নেই...:)

ইন্দ্রাজাল না আসুক Mandrake-র জন্য অনেক ধন্যবাদ।
আমার কিন্তু কমিকসের জন্য তাড়া নেই। তবে মাঝে মাঝে post চাইই link থাক বা না থাক.

ভালো থাকো।:)

PBC said...


Can you post/send a list of Mandrake strips which are not available at net?

Suman said...

Bangla IJC koi ? Tufan ?

Devil said...

ha ha, Suman is always very specific. Thanks a lot Hojo for these Strips. Infact, reading strips is never a lesser pleasure than reading an ijc. Only bad thing about strips is that not many of them were ever translated into bengali. Keep on buddy. Bye.

HojO said...

@MS:Thanks for your words!:)Between,will back within few days.

HojO said...

@PBC:Even I'm looking for one!There are only 3 major blogs where Mandrake strips are keep posting.While Lothar's index is helpful and I have list whatever I've uploaded but it's pain to track what Bala had posted!!:( Also there are few random strips available in other blogs like icc etc.

HojO said...

@Suman:Tufan asbe,kintu tar age asbe ek doyitter kahini!:)

HojO said...

@Devil:Yes,reading P/M/RK strips in Bengali IS indded a pleasure...and I'm talking about ABP's strips!Wish their archives were avaialble!!! (I've sent many mails to ABP for those strips' scans and even offered a payment but...can you try some way out to access those ol' pages??)