Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some Covers of the Up-coming Indrajal Comics(Bengali)

I've selected these issues for scanning in the next few weeks.So it's my request to all Bengali bloggers(Devil,Mahasthobir,Walker) to skip these so we can avoid any duplication.(In future,if I decide to post any other issues -  quite possible actually - then I will inform all of you beforehand!)
And the very next issue will be either of #39(Tufan/তুফান) & #69(Ghurni-Sagore Diana/ঘূর্ণি-সাগরে ডায়ানা).As I won't publish these two issues back to back,so you can let me know your preference,if any.

Now,why I've picked these??Primarily, these are among those issues I still have in single form(i.e. not in a binder),hence rather easy for scanning! ;)) Another reason is,these are among some of the best stories published in the Ijc ever(irrespective of their publication year/number etc).

 Now,some results of 'clicking'(by mobile-cam) from a few Indrajal binders! ;) Well,taking photos from a binder is tough job,and while it's much better than scanning such books(worst thing to do),still you won't achieve the clarity/quality that you will easily attain through scanning of normal single issues!Another thing I've realised that,taking usual photos is much easier than that of taking from a book(for best reading purpose).
You can even check a few Indrajal cover-scans in some of these following old posts.There you will find out that scans from binders were quite ordinary/poor! :(

Indrajal Covers 1
Indrajal Covers 2
Indrajal Covers 3
As you can see,there are some covers of single issues too,still scanning yields much better result over taking photos! :-/ I will definitely try to take photos of these and many others from the binders,but that will happen only after scanning of a good number of single issues.(AND it'll be favorable if some other Bengali Indrajal fans have these in the single form!)


Mahasthobir said...

WOW!!! :D
You have a quite BIG collections of Old IJCs. Also you select some nice issues for scanning.:)

I have only a few oldies and they are not in your list.
অগ্নি পরীক্ষা is already posted in walker indrajal.

ঘূর্ণি-সাগরে ডায়ানা is one of my best IJC..thanks for your great decision of uploading those gems.

Devil said...

@Hojo, great news!

Regarding issues, as MS said, 88 - Agni Pariksha is available on Walkers site.

43 - Sonabelar Upokatha and 83 - Timpenir Dhaki are also available in Walkerindrajal.

120 - Otoler Atma is available on BIC.

and 10 - Oguru Oguru is available in my site.

Rest of the issues are NOT AVAILABLE ON NET. So, pls go ahead. At this moment, I will first finish of V20 and then will think which way to go. I do not have two issues in V20 series [N36 - Moron Phad (Betal) & N37 - Agun Nodir Opare (Betal)]. I will request you and MS to see if that is available with you.

Mahasthobir said...

Iam not sure about মরণ ফাঁদ, but I have আগুন নদীর ওপারে and will upload in my blog.

Suman said...

Lalmohon Babu thakle bolten, " eto guptodhon moshai " ! Ami to bhabtei parchina egulo pabo. Plzzzz, taratari. Aar tumi walker-er katha likhecho ? seto taar parikkhar janye chupchap bose ache. Dekha jaak se ki kore....

HojO said...

@MS:Thanks.So you want ঘূর্ণি-সাগরে ডায়ানা?Ok,Let's see how many want this..
Nice to hear that some of your old books aren't from my list,so that we might cover more issues!
And just saw your blog-update about coming Betal-Ijc!! :)

HojO said...

@Devil:oops..completely forgot that these issues are already available on net!(just have checked the blogs)
Thanks for this updates before my scanning! :))
But as I said,I will first scan singles and for those in-binders,will wait for others if they have these in single.Otherwise,will click the rest!

HojO said...

@Suman:Lalmohon babu ar Indrajal???Sotti,ei bhabe bhebe dekhini!!;o))Ami sure,jodi uni Phantom/Mandrake porten,tahole ogulo theke onek "idea" copy kore nijer 'aajgubi' golpo gulote add korten ar hero P.Rudra ke super-hero baniye diten!!hahaha..

By the which one you wish to see first?? 39 or 69??
About Walker,ami sudhu etuku bolte pari je he is quite busy but NOT all the time for exam preparation!!bakita oi bolbe!! ;)

Mahasthobir said...

@Hojo, 39 or 69? If you have 29 please start with it, or 19 ? অবগুণ্ঠিতা?
I am sure, you have 19 in you collection :)

I also have অবগুণ্ঠিতা(not in good condition) in my little collection with 58,59,98,112,116,124,129,142 and few more.

I like to post them all execept অবগুণ্ঠিতা...এটার cover নেই আর একটু ছেঁড়া আছে।

Suman said...

@Hojo, Aamar kintu prothom pachondo Tufan.

HojO said...

@MS:Hobe,sob hobe...ektu rosho!;))

Jokes apart,yes I do have 29,but condition is not good(all 32 pages are there though).Ar je karone onek Ijc scan korte parchina,sei karonei অবগুণ্ঠিতা-keo sthagito rakhte hoyeche!:( Tobe last year-e,ami bind korar age অবগুণ্ঠিতা-r cover ta scan korechilam,so if you wish to scan,can send the cover.Still I do belive,we better wait for others like Devil/Walker if they have this issue in single & good shape.As we have plenty good shaped singles yet to be scanned, so waiting for a better version is always good(than either scanning a bad copy or clicking from a binder).:)

About your other below 100,like 58,59 etc can go ahead if these books are in single!

HojO said...

@Suman:Ok,I have noted..asole dutoi darun golpo,tai choice korata ektu kothin!

Devil said...

@Hojo, jeta khushi post koro. Amar kachhe sob IJC i favourite. R ami prothome V20 ses kore tar pore onnyotro hath debo.

Ami tomar sathe ekmot je bhalo condition e thaka comics i scan kora uchit. Jar jar kachhe je copy single e bhalo achhe setake scan koro please. Jodi age upload hoyechhe kina tai niye confusion hoi, ami ekta list banabar chesta korchhi je kon kon issue online achhe.

R scanning er plan niye bolle, ami V20 chalachhi. Walker ba BIC er kono khoj nei. Phole tumi r MS i bhorosha. Tumi toh tomar single kon kon ta achhe ebong scan korte cholechho ta bolei diyechho. Otoeb MS tumi oigulo bad diye ja baki tomar kachhe single e achhe ta scan kore phelo.

Maverick said...

Hi Hojo,
I can understand your predicament about trying to scan or photograph comics in a binder.I have tried scanning some rare books in bounded form and the quality came out poor.Not to mention the damage it caused to the comics themselves.Sometimes I feel angry why the books were bounded at all.But it seems to have been a widely accepted practice in the 1980's and 1990's to preserve books.
Anyways its an enviable collection of bengali Indrajals that you have and congrats for owning such a mouth watering collection :)
Btw,missing you comments and suggestions in my blog.Do drop in your views from time to time :)

HojO said...

@Devil:Yes,ekta list thankle bhalo hoy!
Ar tumi V20 ta complete kore onno kono series suru koro,ami to boleichi kongulo scan korar iccha royeche 1st lot e!edike MS-o dekhlam blog e declare koreche je or old ijc gulo post korbe.Ekhon Walker ele bhaloi hoy! :)

HojO said...

@ Maverick:Thanks.I have grew up reading Bengali Ijcs only,so these are very close to my heart.But since the last 4-5 years, I am collecting dual verions(Ben/Eng) of Indrajal & Diamond,specifically of the heroes like P/M/F etc.

Sometimes I feel angry why the books were bounded at all.But it seems to have been a widely accepted practice in the 1980's and 1990's to preserve books.

Buddy,you said my words!! :)But book-binding is still an in-thing and while it's quite a good way of preservation,I think that we,collectors,sometimes over-use this option!! Infact,I did too many binding of many of my comic books incld. majority of Indrajals and while 90% of them are pretty nicely done,nowadays I wonder WHY did so many??? Even 2 years back,It was quite a habit/addiction sort(to bind whatever singles I have).
Now,since the last 1 year I've STOPPED doing this and hence my single copies(of all kind of comics) will remain that way!:)

Btwn yes,will soon post comments in your blog.Looking forward for some Tamil/Kanada Ijcs in your site!:)

Maverick said...

As ironic as it might seem,of the 500 odd indrajals I have,only one among them is a tamil one :) I have no idea where all the tamil indrajals have disappeared.I have not come across even one in the pavement shops or second hand book shops in Chennai.I will post the only one I have shortly.