Sunday, August 7, 2011

Comic #68 : Mandrake Sunday : S149 - El Dorado(1982)

 El Dorado - the mysterious city of gold!!Many have loved this concept and personally,being a crazy about any Mandrake's adventures,it's a great pleasure for me to find a Mandrake story based on it! Of course,where is Mandrake(& Lothar),some kind of criminal activity has to be there and so you will find in this adventure aswell!!
 First read this in a Bengali Indrajal Comics (খন্ড 21 সংখ্যা 6 - সোনার শহর এল্ ডোরাডো) and only years after,the original strip-version.[This unedited strip(i.e. 6 panels/sunday) is one of the numerous contributions by Magnus & Dan.]
Some glimpses...
And here's cover of  the Indrajal version:

The wiki page on El Dorado :


PBC said...

Reading strips is completly different.

Thanks! One more less to collect.

HojO said...

@PBC:Very much true!
And it was Balaji who responsible for my this addiction in the 'original b/w or colored' strips on 2007!!:)
While we will always love Indrajal,strips will serve much needed complete stories in the original format!


the link isn't working.can you please do something? :)