Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Comic #70: A Team Fanomen Phantom : De Tusen Tigrarna(The Thousand Tigers)

  • Writers: Magnus Magnusson & Lennart Hartler
  • Artist:  Jaime Vallvé
  • Year of Publication: 1972
  • Frew Publication(in English): yet to be translated by frew.
 Hello friends,as you can see in the above box,this is a old Team Fantomen story that yet to be translated in English.Now,this was co-scripted by our one of the major Mandrake-strip contributors,Magnus,way back on 1972.Why he didn't continued is unknown but from the art one can tell that the plot was gripping!And I liked the English title "The Thousand Tigers".
 Few months ago, we had requested Magnus to scan the Swedish copy and he agreed.Recently he scanned that book for us.Hopefully,one day Frew will publish this.Between,The art by Vallve' was just stunning!


Mahasthobir said...

Yes,art is pretty good. :)
Profile face of Phantom remind me Sy Barry. Very similiar.

Thanks for unknown[to me:)]Phantom.

Suman said...

anekdin kintu ijc pachchina. plzzzz tufan-ta post koro.

Celso Nunes said...

Hello, HojO

I know it's a very old post, and perhaps for that reason, the link no longer works. You could update the link, or send me this beautiful edition Fantomen? I'd love to see this magazine, and I thank you very, already...