Thursday, August 11, 2011

Comic #69 : The First Complete Sunday-strip by Fred Fredricks : A Mandrake Classic - The Cobra Returns(S097 ; 1965)

Starting with The Cobra Returns,quite a few modifications/introductions were made in the Mandrake's  universe!!
This classic itself has some major highlights as follows:

1.This was the first complete illustration done by Fred Fredrick's,after he finished Davis' incomplete work in The Traveller's Tale(S096) and what a story to start-off! Needless to mention, he was just brilliant from his very first (complete) assignment! :-)
2.Intro of Xanadu - the  fabulous mountain-top mansion of Mandrake - and it's crazy drive-way!!
3.Intro of Inter-Intel as well as Jed.
4.Return of the oldest,and supposed to be dead,enemy of Mandrake & co. - The Cobra!!

Some special moments....

First time we heard about Inter-Intel and so the unique entrance of  Xanadu...
"What a view! What a drop!"
Cobra...still ALIVE???
Finally....Cobra strikes!!!
[Note: This is a long strip and some pages are in Swedish as we yet to locate their original colored English counter-parts. But hopefully,that won't hamper your understanding of the plot as major part of the story is in English!Cheers!!]


PBC said...

Really lovely drawing. Thanks for the milestone strips!

Suman said...

Ei galpotar ki IJC version ache ? Thakle seta post korle bhalo hoy. Next IJC kobe pabo ?

HojO said...

@PBC:Yep,it's a milestone strip indeed,with so much renovation done in the Mandrake universe,right from the illustration quality!!:)

@Suman:This strip NEVER published in Ijc as the 'earliest' sunday was S101(meeting of Lothar & Mandrake) in #138(B #116).

PBC said...

Did ever Mandrake fire before or after this strip?

I think, only in this strip Mandrake has fired 1st & last time.

HojO said...

Have to check the strips but from memory I can only recall a closer incident,when mandrake & Lothar were attacked by watchers of "8" and finally Lothar fired at their car...It was from 'Trail of the Pusher'(D151);Ijc #195.

Mahasthobir said...

Once, mandrake fired toward an UFO with huge guided missile. n.155 - The Flying Saucers.

But it's not an ordinary gun shooting.
He fired second time at the same object but without explosive.