Saturday, November 3, 2007

Falk-Mandrake v/s King-Mandrake!

Initially,i.e. before our Mandrake-blog(MTM),I'd a terrible misconception that, ALL THOSE early Mandrake comics published in IJC(initial 6/7 in precise) were Falk/Davis creations...and as I never liked either art-work or script of those comics,I simply decide to ignore anything before Fredrick's era!!It's only after MTM showcased several early Mandrake strips,I realised that Phil Davis was as good as Fredrick's....and ALL those early Mandrake comics published in IJC are King Mandrake! those were created by a group of script-writer/artists and WORTHLESS by all it scripts OR those crappy art-works!
[Above you can see some covers of King-Mandrake in Indrajals and below the First Falk-Mandrake in the same!]

For Lee Falk-Mandrake,I like those strips from very beginning i.e. from 1934 onwards (even I very much follower of the current Mandrake-strips created by Fredricks himself..& believe me,those are still very much maintained the charm of original strips,if we can ignore some loop-holes!! ) and loved many strips very much n re-read those !!....for an example, The Octopus Gang(D022)/Mandrake in Love(D016) ,which are ,like any great Falk-Fred Mandrake (from 1965 onwards), gripping from very beginning!

For an interesting info,very few fans may realised that ,though Mandrake appeared in Indrajal from No.46--a King-M, the FIRST Falk/Davis Mandrake published very lately,as No.75 --- The Disturber! and it's the D123 actually!!Then, except Indrajal No.83 and No.128,ALL were Falk-Mandrake..thankfully!!

Now between Phil Davis and Fred Fredricks,no doubt,I've a special soft-corner for the later illustrator and the reason is his (Fred's) era only,we have seen many excellent stories with terrific art-work!Very common examples are ,introduction of fabulous Xanadu and the amazing description of it's entrance never bored me,even though it'd mentioned hundred times in this magician's strips! :-)) AND another is,a famous one ,"8" or "League of 8" that world-wide dreaded crime-gang which appeared in strips (& in Mandrake's life as well) many times since it accidentally discovered by Narda in 1965!Remember Octon ?? Wonder ,who'll forget him!! Also, Inter-Intel,that secret-crime-bureau,and those mysterious entrances really amaze me all the time!! Do u remember that description," Somewhere in a hidden part of the city..." ,It's simply mind-blowing!! Ain't??
However,all these praise are NOT meant that Phil Davis was any less as in his time as well we got several thrillers including that amazing 8-part Flame Pearl series ..... And after all,he was the ORIGINAL artist of Mandrake-strips (if those few Falk's early-art-works are not taking in account ;-))


Chandan said...

Great inf,Sagnik..nice article.
Can it be that one day all blogs including Ajay,Vineeth come together and decide the future course of IC'S because these wonderful people look only ones likely for the job.
the only thing,printing cost...
well if everyone could contribute a little,all fans around the country,then well, we could persuade the issue.We could even contact the govt.for some grants considering the fact of popularity of these comics.
No one can stop a genuine effort.
A wild talk,a wild dream.....can it be so?
All these efforts of posting can easily be put in the frame of publication.All blogs---please give it a serious thought.

sAg_NiK said...

A wild talk,a wild dream.....can it be so?

Hey! sometimes I do feel,beside ur ALL THOSE "Gopal Bhar kind comments" , someimes U just become as wild as one IJC-fan shud be!! And this is one of those times....

BUT THEN, who can be AS MUCH WILDER AS I'm????? Yup,much b4 ur/other fans comments,precisely on the just 4th Day of my TCP-discovery,I did some PRINT-OUT of a Indrajal,that I don have then....the 2nd part of Kraken ...n that too in COLOR!!

And believe me,the print-outs were F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!

But,the costing thing (n the Ink-limit as well) prevented me from print-out more than 9/10 pages ....initially I decide to print-out ALL scans I don have on paper....later stick on collecting Original one :-)

sAg_NiK said...

@ALL:I did some print out of B/W strips of Phantom few days ago n the result was terrific!!!....though I've printed only a few pages now(post-IJC;D171; Valley of elephants)'s like I've a BETTER version of FREW...;-))))


P.S.- Seeing those scans on paper is a diferent feelings...U'll feel like a an artist...ohh!!