Monday, November 19, 2007

Mandrake the Magician:Still Kicking! :-))

May be all most all fans aware of the Aman's On-line Mandrake-Site. Here you can find achieves of Mandrake dailies from 2000 onwards.There's another site did publish Mandrake's current Dailies -InsideMangic - which currently inaccessible for some reason unknown. :-/

Between,in these days only Mandrake's Daily strips are publish by KFS (scripted-n-illustrated by Fred Fredricks - the famous Mandrake-strip-Illustrator from last four decades!).
[At the Left-side you can see one panel of the On-going Mandrake Daily:D254:Captain Smash]

It's since March'1999 ,after Lee Falk passed away,he took the complete charge of Mandrake-strips.I'm NOT comparing his work with the great Falk's creation (neither am dared to!) ,but one thing must have to admit..... Fredrick's doing a nice job indeed,specially after so many years of continuous work-loads!If the fans of this fabulous magician have noticed carefully,it's very prominent that current Mandrake strips are NO LESS in any means (if we can ignore the slow-pace of stories and occasional lapse of art-work)......and the best part is,he keep originality by re-telling some fantastic Falk-Davis early Mandrake strips (late '30s to '60s) and then set-up a new direction based on those!!Thus the basic charms never lost neither readers felt otherwise!

A few such examples are like The Walking Man (D244 ;2003) which was originally based on a very early Mandrake Sunday strip:Chamber into the X Dimension(S005;1937)

[The COLORED PICS is from the 1936 strip while B/W strips are from 2003.It's just fact that,today I felt immensely nostalgic when read the BOTH strips again and just wanna share it! ]
Then we can see the strip:Blizzard of Crime (D249;2005) was based on another ol' strip of 1961:Mystery of the Bikini Girl (D110). There are few more examples in which early stories were re-told before had a new direction/angle.
Overall,we can say,even after His creator left us more than 8 years ago,Mandrake, the greatest Magician on earth,still alive and kicking proudly and keeps amazed the world with his fascinating tricks!

Hat's off to you!!! .....:-))

P.S.- Here I present a few current Mandrake strips (2006 & 2007) .....examples of some fabulous art-works,courtesy great Fredricks !!

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