Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Meeting with the Masters of Disguise!

A subho Deepavali release!

Masters of Disguise!!......Yes,let's meet with Clay Camel and Aryan ,two fascinating-yet-deadly MoD s!!

While,former one,whose original name is Saki,always leaves a 'clay camel' as his sign,the later AND more modern MoD leaves a metallic sign of the first letter of his name i.e. "A" !

BOTH believes in easy money and for that they can go to any extent,can do any dreaded stuff!.....BUT the key factor lies in their they are the GREATEST ARTISTS of disguise/chaddabesh!! Within a few moments they can become a police officer from milk-man or from a young lady to a old man!! As a result,they are the most toughest criminals to nab and always puzzle the whole world with their unthinkable stuffs and amazing series-of-disguises!....although,they never believe in using guns/arms at first place OR killing!Cool thieves,huh!

But,bottom point is they simply love risks...... ain't??

P.S.- Our great Bollywood-flick Dhoom2(2006) supposed to be based on Clay Camel stories--- that amazing thief who eventually was the one-of-those MOST deadly enemies of Mandrake -the magician...... here Aryan was with more global fame ;-))

Now,just check another couple of pics provided & HAVE some FUN as this blog-author offers you ALL!

Again,have a nice time! :-))

Here's an another few pics of Clay Camel(imaginative) and Aryan's gals!Hottie they are....ENJOY ;-))

(Dialogues are added for the sake of fun ONLY)


Indrajal Comics Club said...

aryan has sexy babe called aishwarya.. i dont think clay camel had a babe

Dara said...

Arre Chandu, u really messed up with names!! ;).....Her name was 'Sunehari' n NOT Aishwarya!

Abt Clay,arre thandi dimag se soch na ekbar,he did so many fascinating stuffs with gr8 risks ...4 what?? Surely NOT just to pay those dinners or cigars!;-).....but there shud b some special for whom he's still so much enthustic in his 'profession' ,ain't?
So this blog-author aka Dr.SG imagined a 'special-babe' in his life....
It's simple!

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Nice pics....

Dara said...

Thnx Bala!

Yup,those r NICE-n-HOT pics indeed!! ;-))