Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Poll has been added!

Hi friends,
Being a curious on what other fans think,I've added a Poll in the left-hand-side of this blog...... about who's the better Bahadur-Comic writer?? I wanna see how many people prefer Surti over Uppal!
Also,for better result,I've enabled the multiple voting option..... so,if anybody feels that BOTH deserve a fair-amount of appreciation,can vote for them ,or do vote for anyone between these wonderful writers! :-)

P.S.- My votes goes for BOTH of them,as I personally fond of all most ALL Bahadur comics! But then,other's choice do matter......so here's this poll!
Please vote. :-)

BTWN,thnaks for visits,as I realised today,since the 'site meter' has been added on 4th November ,the page views already crossed 1,000 within 16 days (total is some ~5,000).......it's really encouraging! What only I can say...... keep visiting n leave comments occasionally! :-)



The Phantom Head said...

My vote is shared between the two. Though surti has classic touch in his work, uppal has also given some nice stories.

Dara said...

Thnx 4 voting ....and yes,I just wanna see how much TOTAL VOTES r goin' to distribute btwn hese two famous writers.....
As u see,though Surti had created Bahadur n wrote 12 gems,Uppal was aperfect replacement and thing is his 63 Bahadur comics indicates his greatness!

Aditya Simha said...

I would say that I like Uppal's work more coz I remember reading most of his Bahadurs. Also, the Surti Bahadurs portray Bahadur as too rough-spoken, I thought.

The Phantom Head said...

Is there any relation between Jagjit Uppal and Kamini Uppal? (script writer of DARA)

Dara said...


I think u ,like me,had read IJCs in late '80s,ain't?? 'cos then time Bahadur got that nice make-over (frm long-haired-orange-kurta to short-hair-Pink-T-shirt modern guy) .....
And as always,the 1st xperience always the most lasting one!thus me too love Uppal's Bahadurs specially those published frm 1987 -1990; Vol.24 to Vol.27 ....those r gems.But then,Surti was fab. too....overall,he's the Original creator!!

Surti Bahadurs portray Bahadur as too rough-spoken, I thought.

Yup,but then you may realised,he(Bahadur) potrayed as a dacoit-son who'd a 'fire of revenge' of his father's killer,Inspector Vishal..later realised how 'cruel-beast' was his father,,,later he build CSF...slowly gained appreciatn ,guns etc.
Later when Uppal shift Jaigarh frm a village to a rather urban locality,,,multi-stored building,etc...with evrything the language was more sophisticated as well :-))

Dara said...

#TPH: I don know..n funny thing's I myself asked it in my Next post on Dara that's due to publish on today/tomorrow!

@ALL:Keep coming... :-))

Pijush said...

Though I am not a big fan of Comics, I appreciate your blog and posts which convey the essence of these Comic-heroes. Gr8 stuff Dara :-)

Dara said...

welcome here...u r quite an unexpected guest here! ;-)

BTWN, we've a large Indrajal Comics Fan Club and most of them are dedicated fans like me!

Aditya Simha said...

Hi Dara, you're right. I started reading IJC around the late 80's. I believe we're both the same age (26?), so that would explain it. :)

Yeah, the rough-spoken thing was coz the ones I had read portrayed Bahadur as more suave. When I finally read the Surti ones (about a month ago when I discovered all these different blogs), the "rough" Bahadur was quite a shocker!

Dara said...

Yeah, the rough-spoken thing was coz the ones I had read portrayed Bahadur as more suave

Not only that,he's actions were MORE dramatic n also more screen-presence of Bela increse the glaour quotient tremendously (same in Surti Bahadurs,but thewre she'd less-active role)! ;-)

One can see a 'prominent-n-active' presence of this Indian hottie:Bela in some late '80s stories like The Masked Princess (Vol.23 No.49),Dictates of Destiny (Vol.24 No.11)or later in Vol.26 No.18, Vol26 No.38 n 'that' LAST ONE ....Sanke charmer's bait (Vol.27 No.5)

Do ya read any of these?? BTWN,where you live??
Have any IJC on-paper?