Thursday, June 16, 2011

BENGALI Phantom Sunday-Strip Pages(Batch 3)

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General Indian Section:

BENGALI Newspaper & maagzine Section:

This is the final batch of the অরণ্যদেব aka Phantom-Sundays published in the Indrajal Comics.From the next post,you will see some of the Post-Indrajal strips..
Today following Sunday pages have been attached:
Indrajal Sundays( #3):
  • S128 - Queen Amaza's Mate 
  • S129 - The Fighting Twins
  • S131 - The Bride of Xali
  • S132-  Exodus of the Little People
  • S133 - Death from the Sky
Now,before going to the actual strip pages,let's have some look at these old,vintage ads/articles used appear in the '80s Desh(the magazine where these strips were published,as I've mentioned before).Buddies,do these trigger some old nostalgic memories?? :))

Now the Sunday pages....
(Carefully look @the 2nd & 3rd panels of the following page.Indrajal skipped these(in V25 N18-19:Raiders from Amaland) where it has been mentioned Hero as well as (for the first time)Devil's origin!While Hero was introduced in a old daily strip(by Falk himself),for Devil,that concept was originally from an Egmont classic : Devil's Story aka 'Deviler Golpo' - published by Dev Sahitya Kutir in their short-yet-successful Aranyadev series on 2003!)


Mahasthobir said...

Thanks for sharing your creative post.
Nice to see some pages of old Desh...and those Ads...reminds me an old ad of ONIDA মনে আছে Onida-র বিজ্ঞাপনের কথা ? সেই যে "neighbor's envy owner's pride" এটা মনে পরল এই কারণে... I believe you are very knowledgeable about comics and newspaper strips of all kind like Tarzan to Phantom and Mandrake to Rip Kirby.
And that why I envy you...envy your knowledge :).

And about Devil, আমি ডেভিলকে নিয়ে দুটো Story পড়েছি। একটা হল Devil's Story of Egmont publication which you mention...and and another was The tale of Devil in 2 part Indrajal No. 327-328.
কিন্তু দুটো গল্পে অনেক তফাত।

Anyway, enjoy your comics pages. :)

HojO said...

@MS:Thanks for your detailed comment!Ohh yeah,I remember that ad.. :P
About Tarzan,first of all,I envy your collection as all those RM sundays you have in Bengali,those I am searching for the last couple of years!!!
Now,again,I'd asked you on Suktara-r Tarzan,ar tumi bolle je ogulo golper akare beriyechilo!!Toh,kal ami amar old Suktara gulo check korlam,and holla,I have those(puro bhule giyechilam,partly due to the textual-format)!!:))
You have triggered my nostalgia-bud ,so now I will post some interesting & old stuffs from these allmost forgotten pre-teen magazines!!:)
Now about Devil,yes ota think,duto story ache same naam-e(Bagha-r Kahini & Devil-er Golopo),but Indrajal-er ta Falk-er lekha and moreover,that was nothing to do with Devil's origin(rather how Betal saved him,as you know!)

Kono ekdin,we will discuss more Indrajal etc stories.:)