Thursday, June 30, 2011

Comic #62 : Indrajal Comics(Bengali) :Vol.27 No.5(Bahadur) - Sapurer Toup(সাপুড়ের টোপ)

A new Indrajal comic for today.First Bengali(& 6th overall) Indrajal comics in this blog.As the title suggests,this issue is from the final year of Indrajal publication(1990) and the final Bahadur adventure,aswell.You will see Bela in a very special(& glamorous,may I say?) role.Also, I have loved the ending! :)
Posting for all Bengali fans & specially those who used to ask me for posting(Ijc) at first place.As I've started off,so you can expect a few more.

Bela is in a rather unusual role(as the naag-kanya!!)
The ending of the story,as well as,the series!Hopefully,you won't miss the romantic finish! :)


PBC said...

I know you like writing (in your colourful style :) ) than posting comics.

I just love IJC. Enjoy seeing online even in unknown languages for me.

Appreciate your decision about posting unpublished Bengali IJCs also. Accept my thanks on behalf of those who wished & me!

Mahasthobir said...

Have you any bengali IJCs between first 100?

I have a few of later issues...
also collect some .cbr files(rare issues) from few blogs...

I will glad to see any rare bengali number here. :)

HojO said...

@MS:I have them allmost all,but @initial phase,I will scan the books those are singles now.For binded books(as my majority earlier ones are), I will have to follow your way,i.e. 'clicking' than scanning to have good result.Also that will save these old books from any damage.

Between,a #100+ Mandrake is coming next,after that a below #100 Betal.

HojO said...

@PBC: You are welcome.
Between,I also love reading,you forgot! :) About posting Indrajal,you know the whole story! ;)Still,I will say one thing once again that I've a deep,postive connection with these series,as reading Indrajal Comics is a big 'stress-busters' for me.So don't want to have any negative/bitter thoughts just over posting these nice books!

As I've mentioned in the post, will try to post a few in between,with the other topics.

Mahasthobir said...

Good News :D
I am eagerly waiting for older IJCs... and thanks a lot in advance. :))

inserting binded books inside scanner, is not safe specially for old and weak pages. I already lost last few pages of Puja.. AM :(

BtW Just out of curiosity...what kind of digicam do you use? Brand and detail...?
Photograph is not my hobby but I enjoy cameras :)

HojO said...

@MS: Scanning a binded books,even with newly published issues inside,are risky as that can damage the binding as well as,scans will be incomplete!
My most of the Indrajals are in good shape and seeing that, once I'd tried to scan from binding - only to damage the binder a bit!:(
But scanning singles are easy!

About photography,it was my 'passion' till my early 20s!Later,for some reason,I've lost the interest...But hopefully,sooner than later,this will be once again rekindled for me.And as you know,once you start clicking,you have this urge to go on & on! :)

PBC said...

About clicking from the bind books: As there is long way to go. All scanning person involved in Bengali IJCs are interested to see all IJCs (not in duplication) - scan your single issues informing all - whenever you can.
In worse case you can take shots of all pages or missing pages by others.

P.S. Like & appreciate your new point of view about 'stress-busters'. :)

HojO said...

@PBC: yes,@initial phase I'll try to scan than click,as long way to go! :)

And about my 'stress-buster'(i.e. Indrajal),there's nothing new pov(as such) as I WILL always enjoy analytical discussion more than posting comics,as you know well.That will remain same,but yes,I've got a new 'stance' to 'protect' myself better! :)

Devil said...

@Hojo, brother, today I have forgotten whatever has happened ! You have made my my day. Sorry that I could not become the first commentor as I am going through a hell busy phase in my job. But, in the morning when I saw your update in MS's blog, I was over just jumping in my chair. Please do not misunderstand my stand in analytical discussion. It is not that I do not like witty and informative discussions (particularly after a whole day of negotiation with some of the duffers in office!). But, for me priority is different. Just for example what you have done today is going to be alive in this world for almost ever. This comics will now survive in one server or other, in one torrent or other even if google decides to shut down blogger tommorow. This is your permanent contribution for this world.

Also, this type initiative would encourage others to post. Like, I was probably not going to post today because of pile load of work pending. But, after seeing your effort, I would post the next in V20 series today. That would be to value your effort.

Regarding comics, yep the V27 series is a bit different. You must remember the size was smaller than normal IJC. Page quality was a bit better. And of course, Bela was terrific (I think the Indian touch has a role to play here!).

And, I would agree with PBC that first target for an IJC should be to scan it as scanning always gives better quality than photographing. Photo is the option only when we do not have any other solution.

Devil said...

@Hojo, is it mediafire's problem or you have mistakenly made the file 'private'? The IJC can not be downloaded. Pls see it.

HojO said...

@Devil:Re-check the link,I have just clicked and it's working fine!Was there any MF problem?Then I have to upload again!

And thanks,yes let's move on!About discussion etc,some likes it and some doesn't - it's ok!

About the series I've started with,well-knowing that many won't give much importance to this series(over older issues),but I had to,as I was introduced with Ijc through these series only(V26,V27,V25 - in this order).Only later read & collected #300+ and earlier issues.Also this was the 'last' Bahadur,so very close to my heart(I didn't scanned this from my original book though,purchased on March 1990 itself,as that is in a binder.)

About scanning over clicking,I love scanning no doubt.I will put some samples of clicking in 1 later post but result is nowhere as good as scanning - it can't be(only, this saves the binder!)

Devil said...

@Hojo, now it is working perfectly! Thanks a lot. And, if you want to scan V25,26,27 (later IJCs), that's an excellent news! Please carry on.

Mr. Walker said...

cant believe it!..tumi seshe 1ta bengali ijc post korle!!..jaak, dekheo bhalo laglo..besides, i've good news for all the comic lovers..m coming back in this dont forget to check..

r haan, bahadur's last story ended in a very romantic way..

HojO said...

Haan bhai,dilam ekta post kore!!Sob kichu ki aar predict kora jae age theke!! ;o) Between,next post hobe #122(৮-এর খপ্পরে)..kalke ba porshur modhey berochhe!

Mahasthobir said...

বাঃ!!! :D
'৮-এর খপ্পরে' পেতে চলেছি জেনে দারুণ আনন্দিত হলাম।
আমার কিন্তু 'রহস্যময় ৮'-ও পড়া। তাতে নারদা ধরা পড়েছিল ৮এর হাতে। ৮ ম্যানড্রেকের খুবই শক্তিশালী প্রতিপক্ষ। আর ছিল কালকেউটে...পরে কি জানা গেলো দুজনেই এক? মানে অকটন আর কালকেউটে? এই রকম একটা কিছু হয়েছিল মনে হয়...

কিন্তু সে তো পরের ব্যাপার আপাতত ...
৮এর খপ্পরে :)))

HojO said...

'৮-এর খপ্পরে' publish hoye geche!you can check the post now! :)
Ar haan,'রহস্যময় ৮' ek fatafati golpo chilo - quite a land-mark story ja Mandrake er adventure guloke onno level e niye gechilo!:))
Ar Narda-i prothome 8-er ostitto 'abiskar' korechilo,jodio pore o ar involve hoto na.Fole jara 1st story ta pore ni,tara mone kore Mandrake ar Lothar-i kebol 8 er somporke jane!

পরে কি জানা গেলো দুজনেই এক? মানে অকটন আর কালকেউটে?
yes! Oi story gulo jodio Indrajal cancel hoye jaoar pore beriye chilo(on 1994-95).Tobe Diamond publish korechilo!:)

Mahasthobir said...

না না, আমি ইন্দ্রজালেই পড়েছি ঐ গল্প..যতদূর মনে পড়ছে...
কিন্তু বলতে পারব না কোন issue...:(

abhi said...

bela is nude in this comics when she comes out of the river.